leather jacket: len (coalition), top: thrifted (rumors), necklace: lylif via gal meets glam giveaway, jeans: marshall’s (vigold), boots: kmart, bag: marshalls
I don’t normally post on Tuesdays. Nothing special about Tuesdays. Nothing not special about Tuesdays. Just had to pick a day to not blog to keep life outside the blog a tad more balanced. So hello to you from me. On Tuesday. You may wonder why I’m blogging on Tuesday, when I don’t typically blog on Tuesdays. More likely, you may not care a lick about why I’m blogging on Tuesday. Here it comes either way…. My Macbook, close and mostly faithful companion of 6 years decided it had enough. It took a beating, I tell ya. Tens of thousands of photos and thousands of emails clogging its poor little soul. Apparently I have a serious fear of the delete button. Because my new little PC friend was close to $1K cheaper, I just had to make the switch. I’m at the foot of a grotesquely high and grossly intimidating learning curve. So bear with me, as I adjust to a PC and Photoshop Elements (Christmas gift, woohoo Grammy!). Have a stinkin wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. I really like your outfit – especially the jacket!!

    I hear you on the computer woes, I would love a Macbook, but I think I may need to replace my laptop sooner rather than later and something cheaper may be necessary!

  2. It's a huge pain to switch computers. My laptop died recently and setting up a new one was hard. Even the keyboard was different, so I had to learn new habits. Good luck with your switch.

    On the bright side, sometimes doing something new allows us to choose better things. I hope that happens to you.

  3. Totally love this outfit.

    Ugh… I am SO BAD at deleting photos from my mac book. I have thousands… and have deleted thousands because it was having a hard time, but its still so hard to delete! I feel ya! Good luck with your new one!

  4. I love that jacket! {So much in fact, that I already have one on order!) šŸ™‚ Your style is AWESOME.. love all your fashion posts!

    Thanks soooo much for your lovely comment on my blog! It was so nice that you stopped by.. come back again my friend šŸ™‚

    I'm a new follower! Can't wait to be inspired.

    Andrea xoxo

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