Sunday Brunch at Jax

A Sunday without brunch is like a night sky without stars. So to Jax Cafe Patrick and I went for one of the best brunches in town. Every time I go I find a new favorite something or other and this time it was the banana cream cake. Apparently, according to a nearby sign, it’s award-winning. And oh mylanta I could tell why. Talk about a little slice of heaven on earth. I mentioned this on Instagram, but in my little plaid schoolgirl skirt, this look felt like a total Blair Waldorf moment. 
Proud of myself (and my brave photographer, Patrick) because I even braved the bitter cold for a few outside photos. Truly a few, like we are talking 30 seconds and no longer. After that, my big wool coat came right back on and didn’t come off until I was cozy inside again. 
And for those of you who expressed concern and care for my back that I shared about last post, thank you. So very kind of you. I was on the mend over the weekend and am now totally in the clear. All better. Here’s to health and wellness for all of you also! 

Love your plaid as much as I do? Here are some more outfits featuring a classic plaid print.

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