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Summer Uniform

If there was one outfit that encapsulates my summer uniform for work, this is it.

This dress is case-in-point the reason for my recently re-awakened crush on the wrap-dress (this one’s only $33!). We can go bold and bright without sacrificing comfort and professionalism. This dress is a lightweight material to combat warm weather. And the length is right. For my job, I spend a good amount of time on the floor, no, not the dance floor, though my awesome moves suggest otherwise. I work with kids and families. I’ve got to be able to sit comfortably on the floor when the situation calls for it. Another bonus, is that with the tie pulling fabric to the side of the waist, it’s a flattering silhouette. Overall it’s super comfortable while still making a summery statement with the color and print.

And yes, the clock on the wrist. I know it’s a little old-fashioned to actually use a watch for function as well as form, but it is a little more discrete than a head-turn toward the clock or a clicking of the phone to check the time. I found some great Guess Watches that are gorgeous and reliable that I’d like to snatch up to be part of my daily routine. Maybe as a little gift for myself once I pass my family therapy MN licensure exam… #fingerscrossed!

Basic two-strap flat sandals (these are only $29!). If I worked in an office downtown and spent less time in and out of cars and homes, I would wear my beloved heels 9-5. Trust. But for my personal daily grind, a pair of sandals will do. And these two-strap white sandals are IT.

And for the other accessories? A big ol tote that can handle my lap-top, a couple of file folders, and a healthy selection of lipsticks, while still managing to look cute. This one is sturdy and crazy good quality. A lifer. I simply can’t help but add a colorful statement necklace to the mix. This one is quite reasonably priced too, from Max & Chloe.

What do you like to wear to work?

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  1. I just wore a wrap dress to work the other day, it is the perfect summer look! This green one is so pretty. And I totally use my "clock on the wrist" to tell time!!


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