Sixties Mod + The Shows (MSPFW)

sixties mod dress: dainty daisies, fringe bag: len, white boots: rewind vintage
Ok, isn’t this little orange dress the cutest?? I picked it up from Dainty Daisies, a vintage boutique that just opened a store in Appleton, WI. My parents and I wandered in as we were doing a little shopping in the area. I was so impressed to find a small but quality selection of interesting and non-vintage-smelling (one of my pet peeves, haha!) pieces. This sixties-inspired modern shift dress was one of three I came home with. Can’t wait to show you the others!
I kept the styling super simple, only three pieces in this look! Really wanted the vibrant orange color to shine. PS- This is my first time rocking the sock bun. Patrick got a kick out of seeing me pull a brown polka-dotted sock out of my hair haha. I followed this tutorial to make it happen.

Well, good morning friends! Oh my goodness, Sunday marks the end of one of the busiest weeks of my existence. And today the beginning of one of the least busy! Definitely ready for a little bit of a speed reduction. As in the pace of life… just to clarify 🙂 
Today I’m highlighting the last of the events I attended for MSPFW. And this happened to be one of my favs. Emma Berg’s collection was jaw dropping, with a few shock & awe ensembles (among them a playful stuffed animal goose draping like a necklace), out-there styling (XL neon eyelashes and pastel-toned hair), as well as a few highly inspiring looks. I absolutely adore these three looks I posted of hers. The mega exaggerated shoulders and fringe-feathered white dress is marvelously en vogue and simply gorgeous. The pink dress with similarly exaggerated shoulders and a peter pan collar is girly and fun. Finally, I felt like Emma killed it on the soft blush shift dress with neon pink piping. This talented designer is going places, no doubt about it.

Kjurek’s designs were loosely structured, with deep backs and a lot of draping. I really enjoyed this bright green print dress as well as a black cape with a wide neck that was also part of her collection. Amanda Christine’s collection was pretty off-the-rack and mainstream. That being said, I really appreciated a few of her edgier pieces, like this contrast-trim top and a jumpsuit that was also part of the collection. She gets my props for designing one of the few jumpsuits in MSPFW, a silhouette that’s blasting the scene internationally.
photo by Rhea Pappas of MN Fashion
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  1. I am loving your hairstyle! It's so cute 🙂 And your dress is such a pretty color!

    Hope you have an inspiring Monday!

    xo, gina

  2. LOVELY and DELIGHTFUL orange mod dress!!! I'm such a huge fan, what a lucky thrifting find 🙂 Great styling too, those boots were perfect. Love the designers' looks that you shared too…the jumpsuit is quite nice.

    <3 cambria

  3. lindsey, the poor model for amanda christine looks pitiful. awfully, awfully too skinny. breaks my heart a little bit.

    you, on the other hand, looks so well, so healthy, feminine, balanced, vivacious, just glowing with life and joy. could have something to do with jesus christ. yes, I think it does.

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