Girls night out calls for satin on satin with a pop of freshly curled locks. Jaclyn of Bow and Arrow Magazine hosted a lovely little happy hour at her city loft (with a killer deck, killer! Complete with a hammock) and then we headed down to ACME comedy house for open mic night. Chelsea and Katie and I wound up sitting in the front row because there were literally no other seats together.  And I totally get it now. Because Chelsea got asked out from the stage and we got teased for being girls who probably use the “fancy crinkly seat covers” in public restrooms. We developed a little 1-10 rating system for each of the comedians. It made the 2’s & 3’s a little more tolerable. But hey, there ended up being a few 8’s and 9’s which made it all worth it. And gave us a few lol’s. Overall a really good night as most girls nights tend to be! Love my friends, love my city <3

Minnesota friends, have you picked up your tickets for Silhouette yet? It’s going to be an incredible event you do not want to miss. Plus, 100% of the proceeds are going directly to HopeWorks, so you can know that the price of your ticket and any money you spend on the silent auction is going to an amazing cause. Let us know if you’d like to get involved by emailing

Shop today’s outfit:
black tank || satin shorts via cliche boutique || tory burch leopard flats || monogram necklace via sparkle & whim || kate spade purse

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