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Hello there, darlings! I’m alive and well. It’s been a ridiculously quiet week on here. Which usually means it’s been a ridiculously loud week not on here. Couple things I’ve realized this week. 1) Minneapolis is officially turning into Seattle. Somebody unleashed a monsoon up in here. I’m counting on an extra long and extra sunny summer to make up for this mess of a winter/spring. 2) American Eagle has ties on sale for $3! Which we all must purchase for our hubby’s and make them wear them stat. Summer weddings are about the only time I usually get full reign on Patrick’s outfit for the day, and I often find when that time comes I need more to work with. Enter $3 ties. And finally, 3) I’m becoming a dog-training master. I’m going to have Mint doing handstands while serving us ice water by the end of her 1st year of life. Mhmmm.


jacket: c/o lily & violet

skirt: tommy hilfiger via macy’s || shop similar—> splurge, splurge,Β save

clutch: thrifted via savers in columbia heights

necklace: c/o crazy & co

heels: zara


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  1. Lindsey,

    We have twin hearts. Every time I see you wear something I've never seen before that is so unique and practically impossible to replicate on another person (i.e. your jacket!) my heart flutters. I LOVE YOUR JACKET! So gorgeous. The whole outfit is lovely, really.



  2. Hopping over from Plane Pretty – I absolutely adore your blog πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    This look is so great – that plaid skirt is something else, and your hair! Love it!
    Happy to be following along,

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