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I usually like to get these posts up and out by 5am, meaning they’re finished the night before at least. But last night I had some pretty bad back pains that interfered with me finishing up this post. I seriously have the lowest pain tolerance ever so it’s quite possible that if anyone else were in my body experiencing it, they could have carried on just fine without being flat on their back with a heating pad haha. My parents and now husband have always said I’ve a flair for the dramatic… The back pains have been on and off since Sunday and it’s made me develop so much respect for anyone who deals with chronic pain or physical pain of any kind really. I do not give them enough credit. As a therapist, I see people who struggle with it and have learned to adapt. Here’s hoping mine is just a little sprain or pinched something or other that will pass soon. There’s nothing like sickness or physical discomfort to make you thankful for health, which I’ve pretty much taken for granted thus far. So here’s to health. And a steady dose of bubble baths and William & Kate on Netflix to soothe us when we’re out of it.

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  1. Such a beautiful Coat, Lindsey! Is it Jcrew? I've been looking for a blush coat. I checked out your link, but it seems to be a different coat. Anyhoo, I totally get what you mean about health. My pastor says, "you're never thankful for healing until you go through sickness" I hope you feel better soon dear. I

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