this thing called color-blocking

top: thrifted, headband: aldo, dress as skirt: maurices, shoes: garage sale
Color-blocking basically means, you know those pieces that you used to think clashed? And you eeked at the thought of wearing them together? Give them another go. Because right now, it works! It’s basically like world’s most fun trend. Who doesn’t like bright colors? Seriously. I felt like a rainbow walking down the street. 
Speaking of walking down the street… Can I just paint a quick picture for you? Had to take my outfit picture minus hubby today. Enter substitute photographer, AKA: stepladder and three shoeboxes, and a tiny little lid to keep my lens upright (do you think it might be time to invest in a tripod?? I think so. But dang it’s so hard to not spend my personal fund on things I can actually wear). Back to my picture. I’m walking down the street looking like this ^ with clunky stepladder in one arm, and huge bag with boxes in it in the other. Conclusion… you really can’t care a whole lot what your neighbors think of you when you do a fashion blog.
Have a lovely, rainbow-filled, day. (Annnnd my blog has now become an episode of Sesame Street)

spring was bottled up on a shelf and forgotten, til today!

top: maurices, blue cardi/vest: garage sale, belt: wet seal, jeans: macys, platform heels: charlotte russe, nerd glasses: charlotte russe, necklace: walgreens

It was kind of like spring had been bottled up on a shelf and forgotten for the month of March in Minneapolis. All the sunshine and warmth that had been suppressed for so long busted out all at once. To be honest, I knew this day was coming about 2 weeks ago. Thanks to It’s always good to have a sunny warm day to look forward to.

which transcends all understanding

necklace: f21, sweater: wet seal, top: platos, pants: f21, purse: lillians boutique, shoes: buckle

Wouldn’t it be great if all of our life moments could be “retweet”able & “favorite”able? And we could have a catalogue of them, accessible with the click of a mouse? Some might say that we do have that, it’s called our memory. True. But then there’s people like me, with the unfortunate pairing of a fickle little memory and an urge categorize, organize, and document.
For the sake of graduating from my MSW grad program, today is going to have to be one of those rude-awakening, quick!-switch-into-high-gear, please-let-me-go-back-to-bed kind of days. Here is the verse that will virtually be on constant replay in my head today:

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:6-7 [NIV]
BAM! Ready to go.

beautiful sunday

jacket: macys, dress: kohls, leggings: macys, shoes: dots, belt: wet seal, necklace: walgreens

It was a lovely Vision Trip. I hope the weather catches our vision and pulls through!! I did find myself a patch of green grass. Woo! There is hope 🙂
Have a beautiful Sunday.