pink & polka dots

top: thrifted, pants: f21, shoes: charlotte russe, necklace: wet seal, belt: espirit
12 days til graduation from my MSW program. It’s going to be jam-packed with papers and projects and “we’re almost there!”‘s exchanged between my classmates. This has been the weirdest semester of my educational existence. Ordinarily, I have this unfortunate drive to get A’s all around and please my teachers to the nth degree. Things look a little different this semester. I kiiiind of feel like I’m still living in Winter Break. Let’s just say, there is one class that I have NEVER been on time to this semester. I’ve snuck the papers in just before they are due and have actually had to ask for TWO WHOLE extensions! It’s a good thing it’s my last semester ever, because I’m really not sure how downhill you can go from here while still slipping through 🙂

funny thing… i’m BLONDE!

top: maurices, cropped pants: papaya, belt: thrifted, heels: platos
Sometimes, I do really spontaneous things and don’t tell anyone because I’ve made up my mind and I don’t want anyone to tell me not to. Maybe it’s my rebel outlet. So… suddenly I’m blonde. For now.

lace & floral





 top: marshalls, pink vesty thing: f21, shorts: papaya, heels: charlotte russe, necklace: nordstrom rack


Patrick and I visited the Walker Art Museum. The decor of the place had me at hello. Seeeriously. It’s all modern art. I must admit, some of the pieces were a bit too much for me. But I can appreciate the level of artistic talent and inspiration needed to produce such unique things. ^These^ are some my fave shots from the visit.

this thing called color-blocking

top: thrifted, headband: aldo, dress as skirt: maurices, shoes: garage sale
Color-blocking basically means, you know those pieces that you used to think clashed? And you eeked at the thought of wearing them together? Give them another go. Because right now, it works! It’s basically like world’s most fun trend. Who doesn’t like bright colors? Seriously. I felt like a rainbow walking down the street. 
Speaking of walking down the street… Can I just paint a quick picture for you? Had to take my outfit picture minus hubby today. Enter substitute photographer, AKA: stepladder and three shoeboxes, and a tiny little lid to keep my lens upright (do you think it might be time to invest in a tripod?? I think so. But dang it’s so hard to not spend my personal fund on things I can actually wear). Back to my picture. I’m walking down the street looking like this ^ with clunky stepladder in one arm, and huge bag with boxes in it in the other. Conclusion… you really can’t care a whole lot what your neighbors think of you when you do a fashion blog.
Have a lovely, rainbow-filled, day. (Annnnd my blog has now become an episode of Sesame Street)