top: maurices, skirt: marshalls, shoes: thrifted, headband 1: heritage, headband 2 & 3: h&m


So what you don’t see in my outfit pictures is what I like to call my “comfy cute loungewear”. What I slip into when it’s time to burrow in for a few hours of grad school work. Sommmetimes the get-up is cute. Sometimes it’s just plain frumpy. But usually, I get hooked on a few favorites that get, well, let’s just say, overcirculated. Remember that grey shirt that I discovered in Patrick’s closet? I know it’s overcirculation has reached defcon 1 when he actually notices and decides it was time to make a profit on my frequent borrows, offering to sell me the shirt for $5. lol. Time to switch it up. Maybe I’ll see what else he has in his closet tomorrow.

mr. golden sun



 dress: marshalls (pinky brand), shoes: kohls, bag: lillian’s boutique, watch: wet seal, sunglasses: charlotte russe
The sunshine came out to play.
A few highlights from this weekend:
 Date night: Homemade White Sauce Enchiladas.


We hit up Bull Run Coffee in Uptown. Loved the Euro ambience and delicious coffee drinks. Patrick literally mauled his cappuccino, inhaling it in like 3 minutes. That never happens.
Isn’t he handsome?? Note: popped collar. Yum.


pink & polka dots

top: thrifted, pants: f21, shoes: charlotte russe, necklace: wet seal, belt: espirit
12 days til graduation from my MSW program. It’s going to be jam-packed with papers and projects and “we’re almost there!”‘s exchanged between my classmates. This has been the weirdest semester of my educational existence. Ordinarily, I have this unfortunate drive to get A’s all around and please my teachers to the nth degree. Things look a little different this semester. I kiiiind of feel like I’m still living in Winter Break. Let’s just say, there is one class that I have NEVER been on time to this semester. I’ve snuck the papers in just before they are due and have actually had to ask for TWO WHOLE extensions! It’s a good thing it’s my last semester ever, because I’m really not sure how downhill you can go from here while still slipping through 🙂

funny thing… i’m BLONDE!

top: maurices, cropped pants: papaya, belt: thrifted, heels: platos
Sometimes, I do really spontaneous things and don’t tell anyone because I’ve made up my mind and I don’t want anyone to tell me not to. Maybe it’s my rebel outlet. So… suddenly I’m blonde. For now.

lace & floral





 top: marshalls, pink vesty thing: f21, shorts: papaya, heels: charlotte russe, necklace: nordstrom rack


Patrick and I visited the Walker Art Museum. The decor of the place had me at hello. Seeeriously. It’s all modern art. I must admit, some of the pieces were a bit too much for me. But I can appreciate the level of artistic talent and inspiration needed to produce such unique things. ^These^ are some my fave shots from the visit.