Lemon Print + Polka Dots

You know when you are so tired you can barely keep your eyes open but you really need to get something done and a nap is not an option like totally not an option at all? First of all, I hope you aren’t experiencing that right now. And second, aren’t those moments just the worst? Those are the ones where you seriously consider curling up on the floor under your desk, or setting your alarm on your phone for 3 minutes at home on your couch. Thankfully God gave us the gift of caffeine and we have the option to sip something that will give us that extra zing we need. Here’s to a Monday without moments where you wish you could be curled up napping under your desk. May your day bring you closer to your dreams, whether through the babiest of steps or a big ol celebratory leap.
dress: c wonder || shop similar here —> splurge, save
blazer: c/o bon ton || shop similar here for under $100 
necklace: via poshmark
espadrilles: gap
bag: target

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  1. I have those moments too! Especially if I'm driving on a long trip. Sometimes I will pull over and take a 15 minute power nap in my car!

    Polka dots and lemons are a fun combo!


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