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This stately church with Grecian-esque columns has become something of a neighborhood destination for me. When I go on a walk with friends or Patrick, we often wind up sitting on these steps. Sometimes when I’m on my own I’ll wind up here too. Growing up a Pride & Prejudice fan, and especially since my trip to Italy, I’ve long admired grand architecture with European influence. So it’s fun to have a little taste of it just a short walk from my house.
A little take-home hint for you with outfit styling… Freshen things up by going a new direction with your color coordination. I tried pairing this goldenrod yellow with navy, cobalt, and red. But I’ve done all that before and the combinations felt a little tired yesterday. So I kept working with colors. Finally the coral necklace stood out to me. I hesitantly reached for it, and was pleased to see how it complemented the hue of the dress. Then I eye-ed up the scarf, which has a bit of coral in it as well and that sealed the deal. Sealed it!

dress: c/o altar’d state (only $50!) PS- if you have a minute, take a moment to check out Altar’d State! They have a unique mission & vision, not to mention amazing clothing & accessories & such, like this dress!
bag: coach via savers in columbia heights
necklace: charlotte russe
bracelet: jcrew, heartbreaker
sunglasses: marshalls
scarf: vintage
And now, I’m excited to share with you a glimpse into the fabulous style going on at the foot of this post. The ladies linking up are so great! I’m having a great time getting to know them and their style. Would love to have you link up, or peruse some of the stylish ladies linking up here.

Fashion and Faith suggests that not all Christians are stuffy… and that some of them have shockingly awesome style. This weekly Link-Up is here to serve as a meeting place and inspiration summit. Bloggers who love Jesus and fashion, add your post to the Link-Up! And fashion aficionados of all faith backgrounds, enjoy perusing these blogs for style inspiration!

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  1. Love that dress! Reminds me of VBS from last week – the theme was Athens and your colours were the colours of my group! We were from Berea! It was awesome! I would've worn that outfit were it my closet! (well, I would wear that any day but it would've been epic for Berea!)

  2. Whoooo that dress is amazing!! and the color are perfect! I am totally loving this link up…didn't participate this week but I am loving that I am finding many new blogs to follow

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