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 top: somewhere in Italy, necklace: walgreens, shorts: f21, belt: f21, shoes: dots
The word “love” is used in like 60% of tweets/fb posts/blog comments I see. You know it’s borderline overkill when the phrase, “the word ‘love’ is thrown around too much” sounds cliche. I’m not against it, it just speaks something to me… we LOVE love!
But the thing is. There is really only One who perfectly 100% embodies love.
“God is love”. (1 John 4:8)
It’s like puppy-love with butterflies plus the deep devotion of the 50-year marriage type love. He is the One who would pound down the door to keep anyone from hurting us if only we would ask Him to. I know He’s loving me in those moments that I hear Him telling me, “I’ll hold your hand cause I know it hurts but I know it’s best for you.” The old-fashioned chivalry romancing of sunset surprises, cooing babies & cherry blossoms. The fierce defense of justice for those who call out to Him. God is also a hundred million other things all perfectly mosaiced together. But this I know: He loves us and longs for ^this^ kind of intimacy with us.
And I get a little distracted sometimes. Allowing my flighty heart to be woo-ed by so many other things.
Nope. Not today. 
God gets the first dance.


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  1. Love is definitely overused! I know I over use it…. can it ever be used the right way, if that's what God is? Can anything else be?

    You look adorable…as always. I wanted to say love the hair style, but I will just say it suits you well and I'm a fan! =)

  2. Love your shorts + sweater 🙂 The combo is so nice. Especially with the bright red necklace. I totally hear you on the "love" thing. It doesn't really mean what it used to, which is a bit sad.

  3. thanks for visiting my blog Lindsey, greatly appreciate it. Your smile reminds me of Diana Agron of Glee, seriously, so adorable. Anyway, your blog is interesting and worth reading. And I like what you did with your hair. The whole outfit is gorgeous! 🙂
    – following you! 🙂 follow back? –

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