Farewell Dinner at Forepaughs

This gorgeous lady is my friend Mykala. We’ve been tighter than tight ever since a ski trip freshman year of high school. I won’t remind you how long it has been since then. Let’s just say there were many a ski trip, prank pulled, dance party, photoshoot, coffee date after that. To name a few. 
Recently discovered Max and Chloe and definitely had this major, “where have you been all my life?” kind of moment as I was perusing their jewelry items, especially their statement necklace section. The large turquoise & gold bracelet in my arm party here is one of the pieces I simply couldn’t live without. For only $15, it makes it a lot easier to pull the plug! Check this bracelet out and give your eyes some relief by scrolling through the rest of their bauble-icious, often nautical, and always beautiful jewelry!

It’s been a season of goodbyes for me. All of which have involved farewell dinners at Forepaughs, my new favorite restaurant in town. Two of my sisters and one of my best friends are venturing out from Minneapolis. Starting new branches of their lives in new cities (all with warm year-round climates, I wonder why…?). This is a different kind of season for me. One that’s causing this busy bee to reflect and appreciate how blessed I’ve been by friendships through the years. To never take for granted a shared laugh, a spontaneous trip for ice cream, a late night chat, and prayers for the tougher days. While goodbye to sharing the same area code is a shift in a friendship, it is also very much ok for friendships. I’m excited to hear about the new adventures and have warm places to visit in our dreadful januaries and februaries (saying “winter” during an MN summer is like saying “macbeth” in the theatre). And to welcome them home shortly (ahemmmm! you’re reading this, right girls? take note.). But for now, I’m ever so honored to have shared beautiful memories in the same city and am genuinely excited about the new chapters in these lovely ladies’ lives.

turquoise statement bracelet: max & chloe (only $15!)

denim jacket: thrifted via savers (old navy) || shop similar—> splurge, steal

dress: f21 || shop similar—> splurgesave

boat shoes: sperry top sider

bag: target

necklace: charlotte russe

mykala’s dress: urban outfitters || shop similar—> savesteal

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