Dog romance? Snore.

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Awkward & Awesome || Thursday

:: So yesterday, I was taking outfit photos in a business park in a suburb. In the midwest, that usually means 1) unlikely to be many onlookers after 5pm, 2) cool industrial buildings and 3) usually some sort of greenery/field/forest. So I was surprised that two teenage boys spotted me from the hotel across from where I was, walked across the football field sized parking lot and asked if I needed help taking photos, ha. Mylanta they either thought they were super smooth or had some good old-fashioned chivalry goin on. I respectfully declined. Ain’t no boy gon’ take my phots except my hubby. Or my tripod (Guess it’s a boy tripod?).
:: The military press in Jillian Michael’s 30-day shred. One leg suspended, kicking out as you lift weights above your head. This is a major test of my cerebellum’s balance capacity. How do I have ZERO balance capacity?
:: My husband doesn’t know my phone number.
:: Slightly oversized cherry tomatoes. Should I cut it in half? Should I attempt to somehow chomp it in-mouth, while squeezing a piece of mozzarella in there too? I mean, it’s not like I can just eat the tomato without the mozz. Oh no. Unfortunately, when I went with the second of these choices, I couldn’t quite clamp my lips down and tomato juice splattered all over my computer. Lovely.
:: Meal proportion assessment. When I cook, I make way more food than necessary.
:: My crazy loud car horn that honks every time I lock it. I swear we have neighbor enemies because of it.

:: Patrick (like, my husband, Patrick James Herzog, CPA, non-fashion-interested-whatsoever) picked out a dress for me in NYC!! He sent me a photo of it and I think it might be completely wearable and actually cute! I can’t stop smiling over picturing him in a ladies’ clothing shop. It’s like me trying to make sense of football statistics. Stepping that far out of his comfort zone for his girl gets him the hubby-of-the-year-award.
:: Dreaming up little home decor projects. DIY-type stuff (stop the world, right?). 
:: My newest goal: Cook a real meal one time a week. We may overrely on eating out or just grabbing a quick something like a sandwich or, our latest, “oats” (haha). Ya gotta start somewhere, people.
:: My second newest goal: Be nice to people even when separated by a car or counter. Believe it or not, I tend to be a tad aggressive behind the wheel. Not aggressive, more like extremely efficient. I’m on a mission and I have no time for those who drive under the speed limit. Also. Waiting in lines… not my thing. Sometimes my hurriedness turns into shortness at the counter. Not cool! Not in a hurry, I’m strangely perky with them, but I’m newly determined to be a surprisingly refreshing customer every time.
:: Chuckling while watching my long-time movie craving, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, with my sister, sister-in-law and a couple other ladies last night. Could have been a decent movie except for the dog romance subplot. We’re talking running through sprinklers, riding on carriages through central park, and slow mo eye glances across the room. Ahh haha, made for some good laughs though.

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  1. Oh, your outfit…lovely!

    I am sure your husband appreciates only him (and your tripod) being allowed to take your pictures. Silly teenage boys… that really is awkward!

    The jillian michaels shred? What do you think of it? Is it like kill you hard? I suck at exercising but I'm trying new things!

  2. ha i always make way more food than i need to too. i make dinner for myself at school, but the amount of pasta i make could feed a boys high school cross country team. crazyyy

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