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Casual Travel Style Seattle

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Leggings and sneaks

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Sheraton Seattle View

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Seattle Ferris Wheel Seattle Style Seattle Washington Space Needle
Streetstyle Seattle Superstar adidas shoes

-the $10 coffee that tasted like someone scooped dirt into a cup of hot water, stirred it up and called it a latte.
-the iconic Public Market Square sign which represents a full afternoon of mac & cheese sampling, getting grossed out by the gum wall, fish throwing, and original starbucks visiting.
-my recipe for the perfect plane to landmark outfit: lulu leggings, sneakers, a t-shirt, an extra layer, simple jewelry, sunnies, and a go-to cross-body bag.
-better coffee, that actually tasted like a latte and gave both of us (me and my good friend Chelsea!) the much-needed energy to find parking near our hotel in rush-hour.
-the view from our hotel, where we perched for a few hours after having way too much fried lingcod earlier in the day.

… just a few Seattle mems. These pics have been burning a hole in my photo library and I had to share before taking another trip to the opposite coast this week.

Stock up on airplane to landmark wardrobe pieces to make traveling easier! I shopped around for some good ones to share:

Hello Seattle

occidental park stroll

London Plane


Stumptown Cold Brew

The London Plane pastries


Seattle Alley

live free

Downtown Seattle

Taking the Ferry

Seattle Skyline

Pacific Ferry

Bainbridge Sailboat

Seattle Ferry

Last weekend I visited one of my best friends, Chelsea in her hometown of Seattle. SunCountry flew me out to enjoy a little staycation with her over there and explore this iconic western coastal town. The Sheraton put us up in a gorgeous downtown hotel. We were on the 31st floor and had a panoramic view of the skyline with mountains to the left and ocean to the right. DREAMY.

What struck me within my first hour was a) omg how I’ve missed my girl Truelane, b) wait, it’s not raining? and c) this is nothing like I expected… I was thinking Seattle was going to be too cool for me to be able to hang. With mega-hipster vibes and grungy alleys and no one wearing bras ever. But I found so many little homes right away. Today I’ll tell you about a few.

1) London Plane. An airy cafe with a rotating menu of farm-to-table, organic, healthy foods. I discovered Stumptown Cold Brew here and will never be the same.
2) Occidental Park Square. You can play bean bags, ping pong, lawn bowling, all for free! I hate to admit it, but Truelane schooled me in bags.
3) Bainbridge Ferry. The view leaving the mainland was breathtaking. With the sun beaming on the windows of the skyscrapers and sailboats floating across the Pacific, I could hardly take my eyes away. A half an hour or so later you’re on the other side and greeted by an emerald coastline. Tall evergreens and rocky shores had me captivated immediately. Plus, if you go at the right times of year and day, you can keep an eye out for seals and whales. We weren’t so lucky but fingers crossed for next time!

Travelfully yours,


My travel outfit:
jean jacket via jcrew || loose, comfy navy pants || leather sliders via Parc Boutique || tan crossbody bag || tortoiseshell sunglasses via Cliche Boutique || grey crop madewell tank


Ruffled Silk

Sometimes you just need a dress to wear anywhere. This little number from Devon Baer is totally it. It’s a super lightweight and breezy silk so it is perfect for summer bridal showers and day dates and oh just anything. I lovvve the ruffled collar detail. You know what else I love? Um… MUSIC. My headphones are basically an extension of my ears. I like everything from country (new for me, definitely new), to punky pop to straight up pop to hip hop to chill to the max stuff. But my two biggest jams of the moment are Cheerleader by Felix Jaehn and Dazed and Confused by Jake Miller. Conveniently, they are perfect TGIF songs, so enjoy!!!

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Huntington Beach

So suddenly I was in California this week. Back home now, but my little visit was as sweet as it was short. There is something ridiculously addicting about the ocean. For me it’s really any body of water because I swear I’m part mermaid. Lake, river, ocean, I don’t discriminate. But somehow the ocean is especially enrapturing. It makes me smile a little bit differently than anything else. Clearly I have a crush. Shhhh don’t tell 😉

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