Blush & Gold

Wow, this week is flying by! Is it already Thursday? Yikes. So this outfit is one I wore in the Dominican and oh goodness am I ever wishing I could be in it again. Though I do have to admit, I don’t 100% mind getting bundled up in my fall sweaters and vests and layers again. The nice thing about Minnesota is that we have a wide variety of outfit pieces necessary. Checking the weather each morning is an absolute must. Is it a sweater + puffy vest kind of day? Is it a full-on parka kind of day? Is it a light trench coat kind of day? Any are possible. Heck I wouldn’t put it past the weather here to turn out to be shorts & a tank top weather. November is a wild card of outfit possibilities and why not embrace it, right?
top: f21
skirt: lc lauren conrad for kohls
necklace: h&m
sandals: tjmaxx
bracelet: tjmaxx
aviators: c/o warby parker
clutch: marshalls
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A Midi Moment

Two of my favorite things in one skirt. Ok three. Plaid. Midi. & The color pink! eShakti nailed it. Nailed it, I tell you. This skirt was originally knee-length, which would be adorable, but I’ve been itching for a one-of-a-kind midi and knew this could be it. So I simply customized the skirt on my order form to be midi-length. And when it arrived, I couldn’t have been more pleased. Our trip to the dominican was the perfect opportunity to style it in a warm-climate kind of way during a time when warmth is the last thing I’ll be feeling in the outdoors around here for a good few months. I may have done a few twirls around the pool.

skirt: c/o eshakti

crab polo: thrifted

gold necklace: c/o oia jules

heels: charlotte russe

sunglasses: kate spade

belt: c/o lylif

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Seaside Amore

The ocean is like this massive magnet that I can’t be far from long. I think that it is its very massiveness that makes it so alluring. I stand on the edge of this dock completely mystified and intrigued. With its profundity of creatures, from the sea-horse to the blue whale, to those creepy glow-in-the-dark fish with the most bizarre shapes (We’ve all seen those episodes on the discovery channel, right?). Similar to the way I feel when a huge boom of thunder echoes in the sky, or when running on a trail completely surrounded by woods, it reminds me that there is no way we are alone here. That Someone so incredibly mighty and intelligent and creative is behind all of it. The ocean is a place that gives me an awe for God, an awe that is so easily lost in the ho-hum of my daily existence. Here, the awe comes naturally and I revel in it like a little girl in pigtails looking up at her dad after he just plucked her ball off of a tree branch, with unbridled wonder at how big and strong he is.

dress: thrifted via goodwill

hat: old navy

bag: c/o chicnova

espadrilles: gap

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