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  1. Cute outfit! I may have to copy you!

    Puppies are so cute! I don't want an actual dog (my dog from growing up ruined me ever actually wanting one), but a puppy.. if he stayed the same size, sometimes I think I'd want one. But then again, I have a baby…and he, for now, is enough to take care of. Plus, I'd rather have another baby instead! lol =)

  2. i am loving this outfit–wish i had your eye for fashion, this is splendid!

    and of course being a puppy mom, im loving the photo collage–i say GO FOR IT 🙂

  3. Go for it! My hubs and I waffled back and forth for sooo long, and then finally broke down and got a bulldog puppy. The first few weeks…er….months were rough, but it was SO worth it. I'm convinced she's the coolest dog around. Plus it's nice to have another living thing around when hubs is away on business. It makes talking to myself seem less weird 😉

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