Blush and Gold

Can you believe it’s Monday already? I feel like I was just up way past my bedtime last Sunday night putting together a post for the next morning. Mondays are just the most bittersweet of days. On less caffeinated Mondays, they’re more bitter. And on more caffeinated Mondays, they tend to be more sweet. It’s always sad to see the weekend of fun and relaxation go, but I know that without the workweek, the weekend really wouldn’t be much fun. There’s something pretty satisfying about putting in a good hard days work. Especially when you have boundaries in place and have set aside time in the evening for connecting with the ones we love, relaxing, and refueling. 

tank top: the impeccable pig
blazer: forever 21
skirt: forever 21
sandals: jcrew
bag: mango
pave chain bracelet: target

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