No one ever accused me of being stripes-shy. On the contrary, I may be of the persuasion that you can never have too many stripes. Which is why this top from WHClothier made the perfect addition to my closet. Also because it has a jeweled collar. So yea, that pretty much makes it a no-brainer for this girl. If you’d like to snag it for yourself, or anything else from the boutique, WHClothier is offering 10% off for Ruby Girl readers for a limited time with the code RUBYGIRL10. Happy shopping!
I’m writing this post from my sister’s couch in North Carolina. It’s so fun to be here. To see my beautiful baby sister all grown up and in a chic little apartment with her own life out here. And for a while, I get to be part of it. A fly on the wall. Sometimes it’s hard, knowing that in a few days it will end and it will be back to phone-dates and texting. But for now, I’m enjoying indulging our every whim together. Whether it’s strolling through historic neighborhoods in 20-degree weather, getting salads & sweet tea at Crisp, laughing and catching up over tea at the Ritz, making dinner together, watching rom coms, having impromptu dance parties to vintage Usher songs. It’s true. The evidence will still be available for a few more hours on Snapchat, haha! To get an up close and maybe too personal viewing of our crazy-ness this weekend you can add me on there. My username: @lindseyherzog. So… I guess we’ll pick this up on Snapchat, then?!
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