Anything-but-mellow yellow

I visited my hometown over the weekend. And while the trek is regrettably low on Starbucks and high on not-quite-green fields, the destination is well worth it. I stayed with my parents, visited with my Grammy (THE Grammy. You know, the one who loves the color yellow even more than I do. And chocolate too. We are chocolate-loving twins), a few friends, and my nieces and nephews. A weekend so full of time with people I love just reminded me of how important it is to prioritize those relationships in our lives. I mean, it’s a simple, straightforward, and fairly obvious conclusion. But in reality, life is just so busy and it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day: our jobs, hobbies, weekly routines. And really connecting and making new memories with our friends and family can get pushed off and out in lieu of deadlines and Sunday naps and to-do lists. Life is so much richer when it’s shared instead of beared. (I know the correct tense is borne but goodness I can’t help myself sometimes, ha!) 
Hope your Monday is bright, highly caffeinated, and full of exciting opportunities!

gold sandals: j. crew
bow bracelet: c/o kiel james patrick
gold watch: michael kors
striped clutch: c/o bijuju
pink trousers: forever 21
yellow lace shirt: marshalls
necklace: c/o oasap
white blazer: banana republic

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