I melt for a good power shoulder these days. So, naturally this structured shoulder blazer from 2020 Ave caught my eye right away. (Pssst… you might just want to bookmark this boutique. Just eyed up a pleated mint midi skirt there for.. oh $28…!!). The sweet, clean-cut, ladylike colorblock dress from Lulu’s corroborates the the modern, futuristic aesthetic of the blazer. A chic headscarf, coral rosette necklace, and glitter gold pumps round out the look.


futuristic blazer: c/o 2020Ave, color block dress: c/o Lulus, glitter pumps: f21, necklace: thrifted
Something that’s been on my mind lately is the call (Luke 18:17) to approach Jesus and my faith the way a child would. And actually not just a child, a baby. Even crazier! Working with young kids all day, I’ve got lots of fuel for thought. Their little minds are raw, eyes wide with awe, acceptance and adoration, and they’re just oozing with drool.
Saliva must play some sort of role in this process. There’s just so darn much of it. Where does it come from? Blech. I have a very low tolerance for child goo of any kind. I’m sure babies, with their advanced approach to faith are likely to also have a superior benevolence towards child goo. They probably welcome their little friends’ goo. And even have goo swaps of sorts. In sheer appreciation of one another’s goo.
All goo talk aside, there is a place for rationalization and use of intelligence in faith. It’s a blessing to be able to reason it out. But I believe all things can be used to draw me nearer or push me farther from my God. There is a sweet simplicity in the way babies respond to and approach a good Parent. With faith that He loves them, will care for them, has only the best in mind, and will bring out the best in them. Sometimes I need to set my stewing and brewing aside and just appreciate God in this kind of uncomplicated way.
Enjoy your weekend, woohoo!
Hope you get to eat lots of bizarrely green things this St. Patrick’s day.
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  1. That's one good sharing. I, too, sometimes feel that's what God wants to see from us – to become like little children crying out to Him, enjoying His presence and wanting Him to be near us all the time..

    God bless you. xx

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