All-American Style

In comparison to last year’s 105+ degree average over Independence Day Weekend, this week’s 75-80 degree weather was glorious. I lounged with Patrick, and my parents, siblings, and their kiddos at the lake, pool, and golf club of our resort in Central Wisconsin. 

A few tidbits of knowledge I learned whilst on this trip… 

:: The bug spray at the pro shop is not a courtesy bottle for all to use. 

In fact everything down to the lint fuzz on the carpet is for sale ::

:: Ask the front desk for breakfast restaurant referrals 

at the beginning of the trip, not the end::

:: Naps rock::

:: Monopoly Deal is a far more amiable game than Settlers of Catan, 

where a competitive family is involved. ::

:: Klondike Bars < Dove Caramel Ice Cream Bars ::

:: The Psalms are the best beach read. 

Nothing like looking out over the lake and letting those words 

just soak right up into your soul:: 

:: Animal Planet is the most intergenerationally entertaining evening show ::

dress: macy’s

clutch: rewind vintage

wedges: gap

necklace: thrifted

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