4th of July Style + Fashion & Faith Link-Up

These were a couple of my favorite Americana-inspired outfits from days gone by. My goodness our nation’s colors look good together. Those founding fathers sure knew what they were doing when they planned that out. Grateful today for the freedom of our nation and the sacrifices made by many to get us here! USA, USA, USA!

For more photos & outfit details of the polka dotted-blazer look, click here
And for the striped dress outfit, click here
In honor of our nation’s birthday, I pulled looks from last week’s link-up that showed off some red, white, & blue! Look at these Fashion & Faith bloggers and their schnazzy style.

Fashion and Faith suggests that not all Christians are stuffy… and that some of them have shockingly awesome style. This weekly Link-Up is here to serve as a meeting place and inspiration summit. Bloggers who love Jesus and fashion, add your post to the Link-Up! And fashion aficionados of all faith backgrounds, enjoy perusing these blogs for style inspiration!

Here’s how it works:

1. Publish an original outfit post on your blog today & enter the link to that post below.

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Whatever fits you and your blog best.

Fashion & Faith

3. Click around! Find some great fashion and meet some quality ladies at the same time.

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don’t forget to use the hashtag #fashionandfaith! Woot, woot!

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Come back next Thursday for another round! 

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