Oh hey off-shoulder sea blue shirt… I wanna take you to Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama. Anyone else in the spring break frame of mind? I’m daydreaming about sand in my toes, sun on my face, wind blowing my hair and slow sips of pina coladas with a panoramic ocean in sight.

I have a habit of doing a lot of shopping before a trip. It’s really nice to be able to get a lot of it through one click on a shopping cart or a visit to one store. I honestly believe you could get your entire SB wardrobe at Altar’d State. They have everything and what I really like is that it’s cool stuff, but really wearable, packable, and stylable. Like a lot of pieces could be mixed and matched with the other items in your suitcase.

How many Spring Break Trends can you get in an outfit?
1. Off-shoulder
2. Garment Dye
3. Distressed Denim
4. Rose gold 
5. Slider Sandals

I wanna hear about your spring break plans! Going somewhere tropical??

This post sponsored by Altar’d State.
photos by Isabel Kruse

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on the move


A lot of new clothes enter through my door. So I like to make sure some exit through it too! I literally have an ever-filling bag that I throw clothes and accessories into, like newer stuff that just for one reason or another, either isn’t necessary in my life because maybe I have duplicates or it just isn’t quite my style. So when friends come over, I ask if they want anything from it! Keeps it under control until I can make a Goodwill® run. But the other day I brought the bag’s current contents over to Herberger’s (don’t worry about it. It was totally like 9:45pm, so normal…!) because they have their big Herberger’s Goodwill Sale going on March 15-April 1. Since I brought so much stuff, they gave me like 20 coupons haha! S0 20 items at up to 30% off. Definitely a nice situation for department-store brands! And I really overall always support having a revolving door for your stuff and donating to Goodwill. Instead of something getting wrinkled in the closet, we can donate it and make a difference in our communities! I like the fact that the donations help Goodwill provide job placement and training services to benefit millions of people looking for work.

This blog post is sponsored by Goodwill Industries International.

necklace via altar’d state
photos via isabel kruse

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Macy’s Prom Fashion Show, today at 2pm!

Hey ladies en route to prom this spring, come to Mall of America today! We’re having a fashion show highlighting trends to spike the punch bowl table scene with. Get your best limo selfie in one of these pretty numbers from Macy’s. All dresses are 30% off today there which idk is like, a pretty big deal right? Plus honestly our stylist, Cindy Warner has serious runway game and you’ll leave in the know of how to stun this season. My gorgeous friend Sami & I are hosting! So we’ll have a few thoughts to share maybe. Lol. Ok well! See you at 2pm today! Say hi to us afterwards! xo!

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#wmplsXbyniche, 03.19.17

I think we can be our own restraints all-too-often. But there is such a vibrant energy inherent in this pursuit of your deep-seeded passions and encouraging those running beside you as they do the same! No hate on our counterparts, I love men! Just ask my girlfriends (… and my mom) 😉 lol! But something I’ve noticed is how quickly the current runs through strong, kind women doing their thing and supporting each other as they do. As one of us grows, so does the other. So do all of us! Collaboration, creativity, community… these values are CORE to by Niche, the business enhancement and marketing (etc!) agency I launched this year. So it’s amazing. Like amazing in the fact that I’m blown away by how this is all coming together, by the way it’s reverberating around here, and amazing in the fact that it makes me feel small and unworthy yet ready to rise to the occasion and strong with the support around me, and amazing in the fact that I’ve literally teared up and gotten #wmplsXbyniche goosebumps on more than one occasion… AMAZING that we will get to publicly debut our brand alongside a global initiative as empowering to women and businesses as #WhatSheSaid at W Minneapolis.

Watch this morning’s interview on by Niche and the #wmplsXbyniche event with Ali Lucia on WCCO.

or click <here> to watch.

We honestly thought, let’s just get a bunch of charismatic Twin Cities women leaders together in a room and get excited about each other’s endeavors and learn from one another! Come with questions and leave inspired and empowered. Excited to share the stage with dynamic business who I’ve learned firsthand from and who’ve inspired in some way the formation of by Niche. They are real women who’ve worked hard and passionately applied themselves to their visions with grit, wit, and poise. With professional journeys in progress. All hoping to impart authentic insights and helpful information from stories of highs and lows, development, learning through trial and error. Not coming from a place of “I’ve arrived” so “do a, b, c, to succeed” but from honesty with relevant business advice to share.

It’s a free event! I think we may have a few tickets left. Otherwise the whole thing will be podcasted and published on The Angle. All the things that make an event great will be in full form: mingling, educational panel, cocktails, bites, giveaways, photo-pops, & boutique pop-ups.
1:30 Shop curated boutiques
2:30 Interactive panel begins (Questions for the panelists? Tweet them with the hashtag #wmplsXbyniche)
3:30 after party & networking

Thank you for ALL of the support for this event and by Niche. Like… WOW. Ya’ll. Thank you.

Nicole Jennings // Queen Anna Boutique, Owner
Mindy Martell // Clothier Design Source, President
Traci Elder // Little & Co, VP of Marketing
& me, haha Lindsey Higgins // by Niche, Founder & Director

Talented partners:
Ali Kaplan: moderator, emcee
Narrate Films: videography
Russell Heeter: Photography
Hita & Hill: Red Carpet Interviews

Curated Pop-Up Boutique/Prize Drawing Contributions:
dpHUE // Maintain Fresh Color Between Salon Visits basket
The Glow Lounge // Free Heat-infused Spray Tan Session
Thumbs Cookies // 2 Larget Candy sets
Queen Anna // $50 Giftcard
Reed Marie & Collection // Dress from collection
Kisa Boutique // $100 Giftcard + turkish towel set
Goldfine Jewelry // $20 giftcards for all attendees
Urban Undercover // Free wear-everywhere underwear
WMinneapolis // one-night stay in Fantastic Suite + $50 Manny’s giftcard



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