Macy’s Spring Into Style Event

Spring into Style Rosedale Poster copy

This Saturday at Macy’s Rosedale at 2pm, come hang with Falen & me! Falen’s a co-host with Dave Ryan at KDWB, a gorgeous person inside & out and also a total riot. We are hosting a runway fashion show with a bunch of looks put together by an all-star stylist, Cindy Warner. These are so much fun you guys. There’s always really great snacks and you’ll come away with lots of super helpful tips for updating your spring wardrobe. PROMISE. And the best part is you can pick everything up afterwards right at Macy’s. Also… I’m just sayin, Falen and I together rival Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear in the fun department, so that style consultation you could win afterwards would yes be helpful but also a total blast. I’ll def be checkin out the lash application station and mini makeovers by Clinique too! So amped. See you there!

Win 2 Tickets to the Artful Living Kentucky Derby Party!

Artful Living Kentucky Derby Party

The Artful Living Kentucky Derby Party was one of my favorite events of the year. See more in my blogpost from its first annual event. The setting is stately, the company dapper, and the food spread is everything a gastro-snob could hope for. Join us this year! Get all dolled up in your classiest little summer dress, splurge on a custom fascinator hat, and enjoy cocktails with friends on the verandah of one of the most beautiful historic venues on elegant Summit Avenue in St. Paul.

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Don’t miss out on this chance to get into one of the classiest events of the year.



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Sota Clothing


minnesota made

casual style

knee highs and adidas

mn fashion casual vibes

casual sporty

grey sweatshirt

Minnesota summers are really like no other. This Saturday I found myself relaxing on the edge of a dock, barefoot, listening to some fresh tunes and watching the sailboats glide across the water like pretty little swans without a care in the world. There’s something about lakes, oceans, rivers that I keep on coming back to. We all seem to … honestly what is it about water that is so alluring. I was trying to put it into words this weekend. Just staring out at the glistening waves, taking some deep breaths in & out, being right there in the moment. It’s captivating, it’s restorative, it’s a familiar and repetitive kind of beautiful. Like a favorite Monet. It’s a sort of spiritual thing. I feel small in a good way. Connected to something bigger and stronger and good. So yea… I think I’ll keep going back.

I love a good Minnesota-made piece and this marble crew sweatshirt is exactly that. Saw it, needed it. And now wear it pretty much on the daily at some point or another. If you like it, be one of the first 10 to order it for 10% off with the code “Lindsey Kate” at Sota Clothing.

Photos by Isabel Kruse

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knee high striped socks
 || adidas rockstar white tennis  || daniel wellington watch 15% off with code “rubygirlblog” for 15% off! || athletic shorts ($12!) || white bucket bag || fashion glasses

Olive Juice


army green and white


fresh cream jackets

olive green romper

spring neutrals
olive green romper


white jean jacket

I must have Greece on my mind because this look is accidentally emanating Greece all over the place. #1, How Aphrodite is this lil hairdo. #2, this hue of green is very olive. Olives, obviously are so Greek. I think I have Greece on my mind because I have travel on my mind. And Greece happens to be on my traveling shortlist. A little list of spots I want to visit next.

World shortlist:
1. Paris
2. London
3. Greece
4. Ireland
5. New Zealand

USA shortlist:
1. Boston
2. Nantucket
3. Palm Beach
4. Aspen, Colorado
5. Alaska

Plans are in the works to venture to the first two sooner than later…!! And I can’t. wait. There are so many beautiful places in the world. I love taking in a new view, just honestly soaking it up. Sharing it with someone or someones I care about makes it all the more meaningful. A gorgeous vista, a historic street, a grove of fresh blooms, whales jumping out of the water, classic impressionist artwork, a quaint cafe overlooking a plaza… how could I ever take these things in if I didn’t sometimes just go. Sometimes,  you really need to simply go. So hopefully these shortlists are a little shorter in the next few years.

Photos by Isabel Kruse

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Blush Rosé

crisp spring style

tweed jacket


tweed jacket

blush and gold


spring style

blush gold and white

spring style

blush tones

I’ll never tire of meeting inspiring, successful ladies around town. There’s really no cookbook recipe for them. But they’re straight-up girl bosses. Sometimes it’s a mom with 7 kids who I catch in an adorable moment affirming one of the 7 for a clever little comment and the two of them just sharing a smile and a wink. Who takes time out of the craziness for a little me-time, to take care of herself, getting a latte and a spray tan. A little me-time goes a long way towards being able to be available for others. Sometimes it’s a bright-eyed middle-aged lady who started as a temp in a large international company and worked her way up over 24 years to become the overseer of 125 employees. Sometimes it’s a young professional, the only girl on a team of 20 guys of a major software engineering company. She’s #1 in her cohort for sales and is on the short-list for a huge promotion.

There’s just something that makes me smile and revs me up when I see or hear about the triumphs, big and small, of the people around me. It doesn’t really matter if I’ve known you for 5 minutes or 5 years. Seeing people thriving, making the world a better place, and confidently channeling their strengths towards their dreams… it’s the stuff of real life fairy tales. What makes a girl boss a girl boss then? It’s hard work. Gumption. Owning the moment. So many things, so many different things. So to all of you… thanks for being inspiring. Thanks for being kind. Thanks for sharing your stories with me.

Actually you know what would be kind of cool? Share in the comment section about a girl boss that inspires you.

Photos by Isabel Kruse

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