Sapphire Daydream

navy blue dress

lace cut out dress

floral perforated dress

navy dress pink lips  feminine formal   navy dress

Hey. How are you guys? 🙂 Sometimes I remember how cool blogging is and how awesome it is that I get to connect with each of you in this really different kind of way. Thanks for reading along. Or just scrolling through. Or for your love on Instagram. For me, Ruby Girl is a combination of self-expression, artistic exploration, and well I can’t lie it does also pay the bills ;-P But it’s really more than that for me too. I hope that somehow I can send positive vibes your way. Cause Lord knows we get enough negative ones. That through my fashion and art here and my random thought meanderings, you are encouraged to take new risks. Not just in style but in life. To feel confident in your own skin and beautiful just as you are. I hope you know that your story is important. Your voice needs to be heard in this world. We have one life to lead and so much to offer those around us. Let’s be present, let’s look for ways to love others and show kindness. Let’s uncover our strengths and operate within them everyday. Let’s grow, let’s learn, let’s explore. You guys. Life is GOOD. Don’t let the blah-ness of the day in and day out drag you down. Find a way to celebrate every day. Can we do that together? LET’S DO IT!! Sending so much love your way. MUAH!

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navy blue dress
 via boohoo c/o || black coach heels || sapphire necklace

Photos taken by Isabel Kruse at the University Club

New Americana

red white blue outfit

poncho lovestars and stripes

winter style

ragstock outerwear

You know those moments when you’re shopping and you love something and you look at the price tag and you’re like dang, this is only $____! So you pop 3 more things up at the register because you can. That is a regular occurrence for Ragstock shoppers. And my first visit was no exception. I got about 30982093 super cute things for less than $100. Including some wool socks, which I am obsessed with. A few crop tops that are perfect for lounging around inside in the winter. And this amazing pom knit hat- I literally gasped when I saw it, poncho, & sunglasses. That’s honestly not even it. Oh yea! I got this little “namaste in bed” tank that I’ve already worn like 5 times. Pop in for a visit sometime. You’ll be sure to score a lot of really great trend-right pieces for super reasonable prices. You can also do some shopping online too. MN friends, have you been recently? They’re upping their selection of trendy pieces. I think you’ll find some really great clothes and accessories!

Ok lovefest over. Deuces, ya’ll. Enjoy your Monday!

photos by @izkruse

Cartwheels & Cannonballs

This post is sponsored by Target.

target coral swimsuit


black lace dress via target

neon colorblock swim suit

black lace swim cover up

stripes & lace

coral swimsuit by target

target blue bikini

coral swimwear by targetstriped target bathing suit

swimsuit by target

stripes and lace swimweartarget blue neon bikini

Remember that scene in Mean Girls where Regina complains about her “man shoulders”, Gretchen’s worried about her calves and Karen is hating on her hips? They look over at Cady to chime in, but all she can bring to the table is that she has bad breath in the morning. The self-image criticism was a foreign concept to her. I hope that this summer it can be a little more foreign to us as well!

This has actually been a big year for me personally with health and wellness. I’ve been focusing a lot more on developing a sustainably healthy lifestyle on several levels. But I have a little secret to let you in on… it didn’t start with diet or exercise. It started with a commitment to feel confident in my own skin, wherever I was at in the process. I totally have not been perfect with this, but it has helped to have that mindset to go back to. It’s too easy to be hard on ourselves for every little imperfection. Then we just feel guilty and inferior, which totally doesn’t help our overall mood, and certainly doesn’t inspire us to work out or eat better! My hope would be that, no matter our shape or size we can look in the mirror, smile, and feel beautiful in our bodies.

So when you’re ready to do your swimwear shopping for the season, Target has a huge selection of suits for all body types. Whether you have more of a pear-shape, inverted triangle shape, an athletic build, or any other kind, it’ll just take a bit of trying on to find the perfect fit for you. And the nice thing is that Target actually has free shipping and returns so you can order away and easily send back the pieces that don’t work for you! The suits I chose are bright, modern, and playful. They’re not necessarily “blend in” kind of suits, which is ok because this year I’m all about embracing the skin I’m in.

I’m determined to not let insecurities hold me back from enjoying all of summer’s activities. So I’m taking the #NOFOMO pledge. No Fear of Missing Out! I pledge to do cartwheels on the beach in my bikini and do cannonballs into the pool! I hope you’ll make your own #NOFOMO pledge and share it with me in the comments below or on social media (InstagramTwitter, Facebook).

You guys, there’s so much life to live. And for us Minnesotans, only so much summer to live it in. So let’s not let self-image criticism hold us back. You’re beautiful JUST the way you are and there is a swimsuit (or 5!) out there that you will look phenomenal in. One of my biggest tips for this process is to include a shopping buddy! Head into a Target store together with one of your good friends or have them over when you’re using your own closet as a dressing room. A good friend will be so helpful to have around. When you’re being too hard on yourself, they’ll tell you, no… you look HOT! And if something doesn’t fit right they can grab you another size. Another tip… if you get stuck feeling blah about your bod, literally do a full spin around in the dressing room, smile, kick up your foot and then stare yourself in the mirror and say, “dang I look good”. Because again… no matter your shape or size, you ARE beautiful. Own it!

Find your style @targetstyle.

Photos taken by Isabel Kruse at Soo Line Apartment Building
Custom Airbrush Spray Tan by The Glow Lounge


Broken In

ankle boots

bulky scarf

boyfriend sweater

quilted chanel

casual style neutral outfit oversized sweater

These shots were taken before the massive blizzard we just got. Which explains the fact that you can actually see cement in them. It’s finally starting to look like Minnesota out there! And I think it’s really quite beautiful. I loved catching views of the falling snow throughout the day out my window. In the afternoon, I ventured out to a street in my neighborhood with beautiful historic homes and took a little walk around the block to take it all in. It was absolutely magical! I’m a total romantic and can’t get enough of things like that.

This look is basically a bunch of my favorite pieces right now all put together. These are my go-to jeans, broken in to the point where they’re a perfect fit. And the sweater is crazy comfortable!

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grey oversized sweater || citizens of humanity jeans || cognac ankle booties || chanel bag via bag borrow or steal || tan scarf