My Daily Skincare Routine with Enza

I get lots of questions about make-up and beauty, so for all who have been curious, today it is finally going down. Beauty regimens are not common topics on Ruby Girl, which is what makes this post extra awesome. We are going beyond ootd’s and shopping guides to discuss something each and every one of us deals with in some way: skincare. Everybody has their own skin struggles. From acne, to dry skin, to oily skin, to blotchiness… thankfully, make-up can help us cover it up on the rough days. But we want more than just a quick-fix bandaid for the biggest organ in our bodies, right?! 

For the last month, I’ve been using a variety of products that were tailored by Enza skincare professionals to best suit my skin concerns and needs. I’d like to share with you my regimen. In the morning, I use the Sustaining Cleanser, the Cool Sustaining Toner, Rosacalm, Vitamin C Creme, & Advanced Protection SPF 30. In the evenings, I use the Sustaining Cleanser, Fine Facial Polish, Cool Sustaining Toner, RosaCalm, and Sustaining Glow Creme.

I’m going to talk a bit more about my 3 favorite products in the suite:

1. Sustaining Cleanser: lifts away make-up and impurities of the day, while replenishing my skin’s moisture.

2. Fine Facial Polish: doubles as a mask to polish and brighten skin.

3. Cool Sustaining Toner: restores your natural glow.

Have you ever had a facial? I’ve had one done and it felt incredible! Though trust me I’d love to get one on the daily at the spa, it’s definitely not the most practical of options. This Enza skincare routine honestly makes me feel like I just had a facial every day! My skin feels so much softer and my pores are clean as a whistle. I’ve been so pleased with the experience and would highly recommend it for any of you discontent with your current skincare routine. The customized suite really met the needs I was setting out to achieve. Yayy!

Dr. Rucker, the brains behind Enza, has been a cosmetic surgeon for 25 years and has studied the effects of various factors on our skin. Enza’s skincare products go beyond the surface and deal with free radicals in various environments, nutrition changes, and stress.

If you’re ready to give Enza a try, now would be the time, because you guys… Ruby Girl readers get a crazy discount right now. Use code RUBYGIRL for 40% off! So for example, the Sustaining Cleanser, usually $35, is $21 for 2 weeks only!

I’d love to hear a bit about your skincare routine. What do you use? Are you loving it or ready to find something better?

*This is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own, probably a little gushy like usual when I get excited about something, and as always, authentic as can be.

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Fancy Shoes for Every Day.

I love so very much to wear heels and I love so very much to walk on brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets but if I want these Badgley Mischkas to survive the week, we’re going to have to find a compromise here. My best solution thus far has been walking basically on my tip-toes in order to avoid the free-fall of my heel to the divots. Speaking of these Badgley Mischkas, everyone tells me that they bought these shoes for their wedding and I got them because I love them and want to wear them every day. So this is my challenge to you fancy wedding shoe owners… bust em out again! And style them with workwear garb like I did here. Playful workwear mind you, but still, workwear nonetheless.

And a huge thank you to the couple that made me feel pretty cool yesterday. If you follow me on Twitter, you heard about this already. They spotted me having these outfit photos taken and actually recognized little old me. Talk about a fashion-conscious duo. Love it! Always a treat hearing from you guys in any way. Amazing how small our world can be.

Oh PS… remember how I told you about that big garage sale I had with a bunch of other bloggers? Well it was super fun and THANK YOU to those of you who came! Yayy! What a hoot. But guess what, not everything sold. In fact, since I quite literally brought half my closet, there is still a hefty amount to be passed on to new owners. So come and visit my new Instagram Shop, @RubyGirlCloset & score some fun finds!

outfit details:

blazer: gap

skirt: tommy hilfiger via macys || shop similar here

shirt: polo ralph lauren || shop similar here

heels: c/o badgley mischka via zappos

bag: vintage coach

necklace: family heirloom

navy & white bracelet: c/o kiel james patrick


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Pink & Red

Patrick and I found the most gorgeous spot last night. And the crazy thing… it’s totally not like a secret spot. That’s one of the things that so great about living here. There are gorgeous spots just like it all over the place. The sun was almost setting, poking through the newly green-leaved trees over the creek. I feel like I should have sat down and started writing a poem or painting. Except I don’t really do either of those things… But this bag though. You guys, I still have the biggest crush on it and I actually own it. That’s when you know it was a good splurge.
shirt: forever 21
pants: marshalls
shoes: c/o oasap
jacket: marshalls
bracelet: old navy
necklace: c/o kisa boutique

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Lemon Print + Polka Dots

You know when you are so tired you can barely keep your eyes open but you really need to get something done and a nap is not an option like totally not an option at all? First of all, I hope you aren’t experiencing that right now. And second, aren’t those moments just the worst? Those are the ones where you seriously consider curling up on the floor under your desk, or setting your alarm on your phone for 3 minutes at home on your couch. Thankfully God gave us the gift of caffeine and we have the option to sip something that will give us that extra zing we need. Here’s to a Monday without moments where you wish you could be curled up napping under your desk. May your day bring you closer to your dreams, whether through the babiest of steps or a big ol celebratory leap.
dress: c wonder || shop similar here —> splurge, save
blazer: c/o bon ton || shop similar here for under $100 
necklace: via poshmark
espadrilles: gap
bag: target

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Belled Sleeves

Happy Thursday everyone! Isn’t life just great?! Honestly. Last night I was thunderstorm-gazing, and just found myself feeling quite grateful for our humble abode. A cozy home that keeps us dry, with air conditioning and heat so that we can live in just the right temperature. I mean. What a blessing! And the other day, I was using my flashlight on my phone and I thought, wow. What the cavemen would have given for one of these… Modern conveniences alone are enough to blow your mind when you really think about it. But far beyond that it’s the people we get the chance to interact with everyday. To connect with, to inspire each other, to laugh with, to shoulder each other’s burdens. It’s just really good to be alive and breathing another day. Hope yours is positively lovely! Carpe Diem, all!
watch: c/o bijuju
jacket: boutique in charleston
pants: jcpenney
bracelet: old navy
heels: jcrew
shirt: jcpenney
clutch: marshalls

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