Ladies Night Out: What to Wear (Designer Version)

Ladies' Night Out

A night out with the girlfriends trumps even date night as far as primping and outfit-perfecting goes. We know there’s going to be photos taken all night long, and we’ll all be eye-ing up each other’s looks and commenting on lip hues and talking about where we bought our purses. So here is my take on a Lady-in-Red kind of Ladies Night Out look.

We are pulling out all the stops today. Calling in the reinforcements, going for a straight-up, head-to-toe designer look. In general, I’m a budget-friendly kind of girl. But I draw a lot of my inspiration from the Greats in fashion, like Valentino. The construction of his garments is stunning. Every pucker, every seam, every hemline, all of it with intention and purpose to the overall impact of the piece. If this dress got any more sophisticated it would become Jackie Kennedy Onassis herself. The fit and flare is flattering to all figures and the floral bunching detail at the top adds the perfect touch of interest and femininity.

As for the accessories, I sifted through a lot of shoes, but kept coming back to the edgy Valentino studded heels, for an overall monochromatic look. And what drew me to the watch is the gold color and a few unique features. Mainly, I really like the braided look of the band, on this one of the IWC Watches at Chrono24, it’s definitely a unique departure from the traditional chain-link. Taking a step back, we certainly have a lot of color and texture going on in this look, but what was lacking was a bit of pattern. So when I came across this classic Diane Von Furstenberg black and white grid-patterned bag, I knew it was the one for the look. It brings a little heritage to the look, with a bit of a more vintage vibe.

In this look, we’d be the talk of the town, or at least our girlfriends’ chatter for the evening. 

dress: valentino (via farfetch)
watch: chrono24

pumps: valentino (via nordstrom’s)

bag: diane von furstenberg (via bergdorf’s)

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Disclosure: I am part of the Verizon Voices Style Program and have been provided with a Samsung Galaxy Camera and 6 months of Service. All photos in this post were taken with the device.



This outfit reminds me of a yogurt parfait. We’ve got the raspberry, the strawberry, the blueberry, and even a little yogurt. But not greek yogurt, cuz that stuff is nasty. Blech! Another trendy health food I have found myself to be staunchly opposed to…? Coconut water. Oh dear heavens. Someone remove it from the planet. I mean, I definitely think if I was stranded on an island for months, and had run out of fresh rainwater droplets on leaves, then I would go ahead and crack a coconut to sip down some coconut milk. Then and only then. No offense to coconuts. I love Almond Joy. I loathe coconut water. I’ll get my potassium some other way I think.
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shirt: thrifted via Savers in Coon Rapids

trousers: marshalls || shop similar here—> splurge, save

red frames: || shop similar here—> splurge, save 

necklace: f21

bag: thrifted || shop similar here—> megasplurge, save

flats: c/o fit in clouds


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Printmixing: Windowpane + Floral

Patrick is currently on a little diatribe about how he can always tell when I’ve been cooking. Besides the fact that there’s only two of us that live here, so process of elimination can usually give him a pretty good idea. Unless Mint has taken up cooking as a hobby. So the major indicators of my cooking spells are apparently that the sea salt is out, there are about 4 pots & pans, 8 dishes, and far too much silverware than necessary to the project. Genius can’t always be clean and tidy. It’s true.
shirt: f21
skirt: wet seal
glitter pumps: f21
pink satchel: f21
sunglasses: jcpenney

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It’s All Greek to Me + {{Fashion & Faith Link-Up}}

This stately church with Grecian-esque columns has become something of a neighborhood destination for me. When I go on a walk with friends or Patrick, we often wind up sitting on these steps. Sometimes when I’m on my own I’ll wind up here too. Growing up a Pride & Prejudice fan, and especially since my trip to Italy, I’ve long admired grand architecture with European influence. So it’s fun to have a little taste of it just a short walk from my house.
A little take-home hint for you with outfit styling… Freshen things up by going a new direction with your color coordination. I tried pairing this goldenrod yellow with navy, cobalt, and red. But I’ve done all that before and the combinations felt a little tired yesterday. So I kept working with colors. Finally the coral necklace stood out to me. I hesitantly reached for it, and was pleased to see how it complemented the hue of the dress. Then I eye-ed up the scarf, which has a bit of coral in it as well and that sealed the deal. Sealed it!

dress: c/o altar’d state (only $50!) PS- if you have a minute, take a moment to check out Altar’d State! They have a unique mission & vision, not to mention amazing clothing & accessories & such, like this dress!
bag: coach via savers in columbia heights
necklace: charlotte russe
bracelet: jcrew, heartbreaker
sunglasses: marshalls
scarf: vintage
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