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The end is really near for Google Reader! Bloglovin has made it super easy to transfer your reads. I did it yesterday! Never fear, your trustee friend Ruby Girl is here to guide you through the process. 

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Go Bohemian

Summer means beach which can mean either nautical or bohemian or some combination of both. I tend to lean the nautical direction but that doesn’t mean I don’t like myself a little splash of boho now and then. I was perusing through the sites of some of my darling sponsors, hanging out on my sidebar over there—>, and noticed these earthy accessories catching my eye. I love how reasonably-priced they all are, too! Which bohemian accessory is your favorite?

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PS: Google Reader is officially outta here July 1. 

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Ruby Girl Goes Camping

Jeans & a Tee DO happen in my life. But mostly only when I’m camping. Which is only about once a year. Which happened last weekend. And when the tee is actually the most perfect baseball shirt ever. Found it at Express and literally gasped when I saw it across the store. Back to camping… as you can see, I survived! I always wonder going into it, if I will come out breathing and in one-piece. There were some definite moments in which immersion in nature clashed with my shameless appreciation for convenience and comfort. For example, when using the shack of a bathroom, I reached for the toilet paper only to find a massive black spider and its prey under my fingers. Or when my perfectly plotted plan of curling my hair friday and having ideal 2nd curls saturday was put to ruin by way of a defcon 1 thunderstorm.
But I survived. And thrived I dare say, on the waves of good laughs and great times with Patrick and some dear friends who we went with. 
All of these photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy. I’m so very impressed with how it worked with the lighting so well. I put it on manual and increased the ISO some and somehow the camera evened out the shadowed and shining areas of the photos. In fact, I took 6 batches of engagement-like couple photos in this light with this camera and could not be happier about how they turned out. You’ll be seeing a bit of a sampling in my next post. Another strength in this camera is how vibrantly it captures colors. Every ounce of hue is harnessed and enhanced on the auto setting. Plus, I was able to upload a photo to Instagram, right from my Galaxy, in the middle of the woods. Boo. Ya. 
Jeans: Gap || shop similar—> save
Sandals: Target || shop similar—> splurge, save
Sunnies: Jcpenney
Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Style Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product


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PS: Google Reader is officially outta here July 1. 

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His & Hers Style + Fashion & Faith Link-Up

Patrick and I went to a friend’s wedding a couple weekends ago. It was one of the dandiest I’ve attended. Quite literally every nook and cranny was Pinterestified. Chalkboard paint, adorable desserts, vintage frames, white lanterns… you name it, it was there. I love weddings because for some reason, Patrick gives me full domain of his outfit styling. Though he reserves the right to veto power. This outfit of his is one of my favorites! Goodness he’s such a stud.


Last week’s Fashion & Faith submissions were amazing! Thank you to each one of you who participated! Did you get a chance to link up or visit some of the links? Here’s a sampling of some of the fabulous style.

Fashion and Faith suggests that not all Christians are stuffy… and that some of them have shockingly awesome style. This weekly Link-Up is here to serve as a meeting place and inspiration summit. Bloggers who love Jesus and fashion, add your post to the Link-Up! And fashion aficionados of all faith backgrounds, enjoy perusing these blogs for style inspiration!

Here’s how it works:

1. Publish an original outfit post on your blog today & enter the link to that post below.

2. Include a link in your blogpost back here. You can use the signature f&f heart if you like! 

Whatever fits you and your blog best.

Fashion & Faith

3. Click around! Find some great fashion and meet some quality ladies at the same time.

If you tell the world on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook that you linked up, 

which would be a ridiculously awesome thing to do,

don’t forget to use the hashtag #fashionandfaith! Woot, woot!

Still itching for more? (It’s ok, so are we!)

Head to Pinterest to visit the fashion & faith blogger pinboard 

& see all 190+ Fashion Bloggers at our Fashion & Faith home base.

on me:

shirt: croft & barrow || shop similar—> savesteal,

skirt: jcrew || shop similar—> mega splurge, splurge, steal

clutch: r+j || shop similar—> savesteal, steal

bracelets: siramara, marshalls

heels: maurices

on him:

khaki pants: gap

shirt: izod via marshall’s

tie: american eagle

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Hobby Envy :: Jewelry Making!

So you know when you find the perfect bracelet/necklace, and get all excited before you check the price tag? Way too many times I have to eat my excitement and walk away with my tail between my legs because it just didn’t work with my budget. Well, when I heard of this jewelry-making company, I had a bit of a light bulb moment. So the next time I’m on the warpath for a particular bracelet and find it out of my range, I can simply… make it! Using jewellery making beads such as these from Sweet. This is like the coolest hobby ever. I really want to try! Hold me to it, peeps.

I know many of you lovelies have reasons beyond making that perfect bracelet for yourself for jewelry making and actually have full-fledged custom jewelry businesses. Where do you get your beads & such? Have you ever heard of Jewellery Maker? Check this company out and let me know what you think!

*this is a sponsored post, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

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