remember when I was blonde? 

It’s amazing all that happens in a year. 2012 was great and 2013 will be even greater, in it’s own way. Blessed to have your support of Ruby Girl blog. Thanks for stickin around! Let me share a little something I have on my heart for the coming year. I prettied it up with chevron and hot pinkness.

Happy New Year!

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  1. That is one of my most favorite verses. Thanks for sharing! And thanks for sharing all of your amazing outfits this year! I loved seeing your posts pop up on my blogroll!

  2. Love the photo recap! And I'm personally a huge fan of your red hair, so much for fitting and sassy πŸ˜‰


  3. Wow, you just blew me away with all of these looks. They are so amazingly stylish and interesting. Thanks so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog; it's great to meet you! You have a new follower in me, Linds πŸ™‚


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