10 Trends: Expiring or Still Inspiring?



cape: nordstrom rack (bb dakota), jeans: marshalls, boots: k-mart, fur bag: marshall’s


Fashion. It’s a tricky business. There will always be constantly changing runway-informed and aloof designer trends. But it’s ordinary peeps like you & me that get to decide what we like and want to strut. We don’t want to be trend-chasers so much that we lose our personal style stamp. But Heaven forbid we dance to our own drum enough to wind up on “What not to Wear”. Ha, I’d rather hang out with my pals Clinton & Stacy on other biznaz.
Sometimes trends can be so popular that they’re like that song that’s clearly every DJ’s favorite and you just want to smash your radio every time you hear it. And some trends are like your favorite pair of jeans from sophomore year of high school that make you smile when you slip into them.
Don’t tell me you haven’t wondered if/when to say goodbye to these guys:
We’ve loved them. And worn them 98235 different ways. Is it time to let them go? Or are they en route to becoming timeless staples like the Little Black Dress?You tell me! Take the poll below, handcrafted by yours truly. 

Dress Goals

I stumbled on this European brand not so long ago and have spent some time admiring from across the ocean. I’d take any one of these Ellos party dresses for Christmas, pretty please. Especially the leather one in the bottom right. Oh wait, the frilly ruffly one in the top left. Shoot… maybe the one with the houndstooth print. Gahhh they’re just all pretty great. 

Falling for Fall






dress: urban outfitters, tights: pacsun, boots: k-mart, earrings: wet seal, bag: marshalls
And of course, a BIG thank you 
to those who have sacrificed to serve the USA!
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Pop of Leopard

dress: macys, sweater leggings: macy’s, jacket: thrifted (coldwater creek), belt: papaya, shoes: pacsun 

Make you Smile || Monday
I love a good black and white photo. Just call me a photographer connoisseur. Patron of the arts. Yes, yes. Of course, of course darling. And all of the above must be spoken with a hoity toity condescending accent of some kind. No for reals though. I had some fun with Picasa Collages again and put together some of my fave b&w’s for your merriment.
amy rae photography, barbra streisand, audrey hepburn
style me pretty, the rest via pinterest (original sources unknown)