Trend Translations

So much of my fashion journey involves taking “Wowsa!” moments I see on the runways and adapting them to fit my personal style and budget. Since Fall is just around the corner, I put together a few of this season’s biggest trends and translated them, Ruby Girl style.

red dress







dress: arden b, sandals: kmart (!!)
I took these outside the home I grew up in, over in Wisconsin. It felt like homecoming/prom all over again! I wore this to one of my dear friend’s weddings. It was beautiful! I’ll post more about that tomorrow.







dress: opitz, top: from the sis’ closet, necklaces: thrifted, bag: marc jacobs (!!), shoes: from the sis’ closet
Last weekend I went with a group from my church to hear Nancy Alcorn speak onĀ Mercy Ministries. It was so encouraging to hear stories about ladies who have been through the deepest of undeserved hurt. Human trafficking, addictions of all kinds, neglect & abuse, depression, suicide attempts… this is real stuff. Really unbelievably tough stuff. But somehow, they found their way to the doors of one of Mercy Ministries’ homes for ladies. They found a comfortable place to live, plenty of food, and counseling… all for free. And they were introduced to Jesus…Someone who will always love them and never go away. Someone who can meet those inside needs too. And that last bit, is what seems to have made all the difference. For reals. Hear it from their mouths here.
Thanks for listenin, friend.





top: marshalls, skirt: marshalls, flats: thrifted (platos), necklace: f21, sunglasses: charlotte russe


Is this not the most adorable Movie Theatre? I love the aged brick and classic antique store-front windows. It’s one of the only charming things on Central Avenue north of Broadway in Minneapolis.