date on the lake



This week, we picnicked at the Bandshell on Lake Harriet. They have free concerts in the park almost nightly. Patrick & I cheated on the whole picnic concept and brought Potbelly’s 🙂
It’s virtually impossible to get Patrick to pose by himself. I’m trying, people. I promise! Thankfully, Tyler stepped up to the plate with Patrick to bust out some of their best Ruby Girl poses. Haha. Lookin good guys!!
We had a blast 🙂
Hope your Sunday is restful and energizing!

MN Fashion Blogger Meet-up

dress: papaya, belt: f21, ring: f21, bag: lillian’s boutique, earrings: garage sale, sandals: platos
Style Talk || Wednesdays
For this week’s edition of Style Talk, I thought I would introduce you to a few of my local fashion blogger pals. Remember when I told you about this?
graphic designed by Maria of Lulu Letty.
Well, it’s now July 27. So, as you could guess, it happened. And mylanta was it a blast. So much fun to mingle with other charming MN fashion bloggers.

There were others that left before I busted out my camera, like Sara, Silke, Sally, and a few more (whose names, believe it or not, probably did not start with “S” hehe). 
Thanks to Megan and Lori for planning & hosting the event!
Can’t wait to see all these lovelies again soon!
Btdubs, I’m hooking up with Lindsey from the Pleated Poppy for What I wore Wednesday this week!

Summer Picks

You’ve all been around the block a few times, so you’ve probably heard of Shabby Apple. Well, lucky for us, Shabby Apple is having a big honkin SUMMER SALE. So, using the code SUMMER20, we can all SAVE stinkin 20% on gorgeous dresses like these, my personal faves:
They also have stunning accessories that would add oomph to any outfit, like these chunky wedges, feather earrings and flashy red belt.
Catcha lata, allstars!