Off Shoulder



 top: somewhere in Italy, necklace: walgreens, shorts: f21, belt: f21, shoes: dots
The word “love” is used in like 60% of tweets/fb posts/blog comments I see. You know it’s borderline overkill when the phrase, “the word ‘love’ is thrown around too much” sounds cliche. I’m not against it, it just speaks something to me… we LOVE love!
But the thing is. There is really only One who perfectly 100% embodies love.
“God is love”. (1 John 4:8)
It’s like puppy-love with butterflies plus the deep devotion of the 50-year marriage type love. He is the One who would pound down the door to keep anyone from hurting us if only we would ask Him to. I know He’s loving me in those moments that I hear Him telling me, “I’ll hold your hand cause I know it hurts but I know it’s best for you.” The old-fashioned chivalry romancing of sunset surprises, cooing babies & cherry blossoms. The fierce defense of justice for those who call out to Him. God is also a hundred million other things all perfectly mosaiced together. But this I know: He loves us and longs for ^this^ kind of intimacy with us.
And I get a little distracted sometimes. Allowing my flighty heart to be woo-ed by so many other things.
Nope. Not today. 
God gets the first dance.


Sundress Obsession

dress: marshalls, shoes: garage sale, headband: walgreens, necklace: f21
This weekend. was a blast. I got to hang with my mom & sis a lot. We checked out some restaraunts & consignment shops. I ate more frozen yogurt than a person should in a year with all these crazy dressings at Hilly Billy or something like that in Dinkytown. I barely did anything responsible.
In other news…
I presented my MSW thesis today!
Research: done.
Thesis: written.
Presentation: check.
Phew. Smile. Sigh.
I’m off to spray paint some garden pots yellow.
Hope you can get a little yellow/sunshine in your day!

top trends for the summer sunshine

Summer is knocking at our door, and with it a burst of exciting new trends. Because you are worth it, I scoured the internet for pieces from some of my favorite shops that best represented the top looks right now. Now don’t everybody go and max out their credit cards all at once. Not what we’re goin for here, people. Enjoy the eye candy!
white top: zara, pleated skirt: romwe, chevron top: urban outfitters, scallopped shorts: threadsence, coral pants: urban outfitters, hair feathers: threadsence, heels: zara, fringe top: miss selfridge, fringe boots: urban outfitters
 top to bottom, left to right: 1st row: romwe, blazer: miss selfridge, cut out heels: love culture, kimono: new look, headband: modcloth, color-block dress: threadsence, bright nails: topshop

top to bottom, left to right: topshop, miss selfridge, romwe, romwe, ruche, ruche, romwe, romwe, spotted moth, ruche, ruche, ruche

top: anthropologie, floral wedges: ruche, sequined belt: f21, floral blazer: modcloth, blue wedges: modcloth, green sandals: romwe, yellow belt: ruche, red heels: free people, yellow heels: anthropologie


 top: maurices, skirt: marshalls, shoes: thrifted, headband 1: heritage, headband 2 & 3: h&m


So what you don’t see in my outfit pictures is what I like to call my “comfy cute loungewear”. What I slip into when it’s time to burrow in for a few hours of grad school work. Sommmetimes the get-up is cute. Sometimes it’s just plain frumpy. But usually, I get hooked on a few favorites that get, well, let’s just say, overcirculated. Remember that grey shirt that I discovered in Patrick’s closet? I know it’s overcirculation has reached defcon 1 when he actually notices and decides it was time to make a profit on my frequent borrows, offering to sell me the shirt for $5. lol. Time to switch it up. Maybe I’ll see what else he has in his closet tomorrow.

mr. golden sun



 dress: marshalls (pinky brand), shoes: kohls, bag: lillian’s boutique, watch: wet seal, sunglasses: charlotte russe
The sunshine came out to play.
A few highlights from this weekend:
 Date night: Homemade White Sauce Enchiladas.


We hit up Bull Run Coffee in Uptown. Loved the Euro ambience and delicious coffee drinks. Patrick literally mauled his cappuccino, inhaling it in like 3 minutes. That never happens.
Isn’t he handsome?? Note: popped collar. Yum.