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Le Meridien

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slumber party at le meridien     Breakfast in Bed

Green juice at Marin

Le Meridien Minneapolis is like where I truly believe Justin Bieber stays when he comes to town. Or should stay.


10 Reasons why Justin Bieber and, well everyone else should stay here:

  1. 1. White, bright, modern rooms with a downtown chic vibe. Ever wanted to feel like an urban heiress? I’ve stayed in this big suite and the penthouse and both are basically unparalleled as far as epic city coolness goes.


  1. 2. Panoramic views of Minneapolis. Its beautiful skyscraper scene surrounds on all sides. Which also means you’re right next door to the likes of Fogo, Capital Grille, & Union rooftop.


  1. 3. Room service… ding! Yogurt, fruit, & lattes in bed was a treat. It didn’t take long at all to get upstairs – which is my biggest qualm with RS usually. You order it and have to wait ten years and it’s often lukewarm. Not so much here at Le Meridien. It came up really fast and everything was fresh!


  1. 4. The pillow fight and jumping on the bed potential in here alone is worth a stay. White robes and slippers all set for the sleepover of a lifetime. Throw in a little wine and let the adult slumber party begin.


  1. 5. Marin. Just downstairs there is a restaurant with natural ingredients, great service, and fab-tasting food. I ordered the jicama-duck tacos with avocado mousse dressing twice and foresee many visits for those alone! There’s a super swanky library bar downstairs also. And a chef’s table for the foodiest of foodies.


  1. 6. The patio area has a bar at the center and cozy deck furniture with fireplaces that offer a little escape just beyond the concrete jungle. I ordered a Prosecco and sipped it out here and forgot for a few minutes about the hustle and bustle going on all around me.


  1. 7. The Art Gallery! The pieces are changed out regularly, and they are sometimes by local, national, or international artists. The common denominator is featuring beautifully curated works that are sure to inspire. I wandered in here and found myself drawn to a few black and white pieces that were more pop art in nature.


  1. 8. Rooftop vibes like no other. I threw a party up there! About 75 of my friends and colleagues came up to shake their tail feathers and sip cocktails with a view to boot. I’ll share a few more pictures on here in another post later. Hopefully you were following along on Snapchat and Instagram so you could catch some of that action live.


  1. 9. There’s this fragrance at the entrance that is like… amazing. Can’t explain it but I’m pretty sure it comes from the rocks in a fireplace installation. I snooped it out. Best thing to be greeted with!


  1. 10. If you know me at all, you know how very very much I value good service. The staff at Marin was attentive, genuine, and kind. It was clear they were proud of their hotel and wanted to ensure the most pleasant stay possible. Mission accomplished!


Photos by Paul Weaver, featuring my friend Sami who came to stay with me.


off shoulder top

blue and white outfit

summer style

summer style in minneapolis

Casual summer style
I’ve been thinking a lot today about … a lot. Appreciating the high moments in life, the sweet ones. So many sweet ones. Even just this summer. Albums full of photos of places that blew me away with their beauty and of people I love. Late at night, sipping my tea and snuggled up in bed, I scroll through these and remember what they represent. The words exchanged, the emotions of the encounter, the details of the scenic view. It’s impossible not to smile. Reveling in the high moments is restorative and energizing. It’s addicting!

Joy, strength, beauty… these are all things everyone can believe in and admire. But hurt, stress, confusion…. very much a part of life too. It’s actually sometimes a flicker of pain here or there that remind us we’re alive and human. Even though my natural tendency is to brush those little guys off and swiftly pretend they’re not there… today I let myself feel ’em a bit as they knocked on my door. The difficult situations are often the ones we grow from the most! And yea, before growth, there tend to be ugly cry moments… sitting on the kitchen floor with a kleenex box, or singing along like a fool while you’re driving to that song on your chill playlist that feels like it was written for your situation. Amiright? I’m sure we’ve all been there.

I hope when you have these moments you don’t let them nudge you into a place of timidity. But instead, let’s face the realities underlying them, wrestle it out, and absolutely take the time to listen to our hearts. We owe it to our hearts to give them a voice in the decisions we make and what we do. Let’s continue to take chances, live boldly. And absolutely 1 million percent, saddle up with a few people we can go to with anything, and can always count on to love and support us. Whatever comes our way, we’ll be ok. And see many more summers with albums full of photos of places and people we love!

Off-Shoulder structured top via the lovely Merilou Boutique, located in Wayzata, MN.
Photos by my talented friend & Minneapolis portrait photographer, Tyler Allix.

Tennis Whites

Tennis Style

Tennis Club Style

Tennis Whites Eyelet Dress

Arrived back to the states and am writing to you from my big white fluffy bed at what I affectionately call “le chateau” in St. Paul, Minnesota. Still very much adjusting to the new time zone situation. I’m getting tired so early in the night and I voluntarily woke up and stayed up at 6am. Okayyyy. Thankfully there’s always coffee. Time for a cup!

photos by Tyler Allix

dress via Primp Boutique

Sheraton Bloomington

When I first walked into the lobby at the Sheraton Bloomington, I felt like I was walking into a Vegas hotel. The lobby was huge & open. It had a high window ceiling that made it feel modern & bright. Next I saw the chic, luxe decor and was promptly greeted by smiling, welcoming faces. First impressions are a big deal for me and usually are indicative of how the rest of my stay will be. So within moments, I knew I was in good hands.

sheraton bloomington hotel room    sheraton bloomington treats

sheraton bloomington room service

Sheraton Bloomington is pioneering some pretty innovative technology that will probably be the norm at hotels soon. Before there were cards, there were keys. And now there are apps. I was super excited to see how this all worked. Before walking through the door, I took a minute to register with the SPG app to activate keyless entry. When I arrived at my room, I just held the phone up to the door and it unlocked it for me. Um coolest thing. So convenient. Also, it’s added security. Meaning more peace of mind and a more comfortable stay overall.

sheraton bloomington keyless access

I could have seen myself camping out in the Sheraton Club room all day, taking turns relaxing and working. It has customized butler service so you feel quite like a queen. There are top-shelf beverage options & hors d’ oeuvres available throughout the day.

Local photographer/videographer extraordinaire & friend of mine, Paul Weaver, came over to grab some shots of the stay. I love working with people who are passionate about what they do. You can tell because he gets ideas as he’s going and on the fly creates really original vantage points and fresh departures from the normal picture. I really respect his work.

sheraton bloomington worksheraton bloomington play

We went down for cocktails at the hotel lobby bar, Sidebar, another crazy thing… it turns into a Starbucks in the mornings. You honestly would have no idea that this swanky hip bar could flip seamlessly to be a fully-functioning coffee/breakfast shop. So at the bar, we chatted with Eric, a bartender who had been there 16 years. I feel like that in itself says a lot about a place. Loyalty & investment from your team show strength of brand and overall better service and experience delivery. Eric agreed and said he’s not the only one, a lot of people have been there many years. The cocktails were unbelievable. Characteristic of something you’d find at an edgy downtown spot.


Sidebar Cocktail
Another Sheraton team-member, Sammy, who’s been on board over 30 years, told us about a couple who celebrated their wedding anniversary at the Sheraton every year. It was the 40th year this last time so they wanted it to be extra special. The wife called ahead of time to request a certain kind of dish for dinner that wasn’t on the menu at Lela. The chef not only accommodated but worked with her to design an entire several-course dinner just for the two of them. I love that!!

lela restaurant entry

lela restaurant

Lela is the restaurant attached to the Sheraton Bloomington. Actually almost teared up a bit when I heard that every month Lela works with a new local nonprofit and the proceeds from each drink sale go directly towards the work of the cause. This month was Still Kickin, I ordered the cocktail, it was great!

A few friends joined me for dinner and we had such a nice time. It was the night before I left for Europe so it was really nice to just relax on the patio and enjoy the company of some Minnesota gems. We ordered basically everything on the menu and everything tasted insanely good. The deviled eggs were like an art piece that belonged in the Walker. The Tagliatellini pasta was amazing. And the owner of the white lamborghini who regularly spends the evening on the patio with his friends recommends the lobster truffle gnocchi. Looking at his table & ride I’m thinkin, that’s us in a few years, right? 🙂

lela restaurant with friends

lela restaurant menu

lela restaurant deviled eggs

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Turquoise Bike Bike RideTurquoise & CoralSummer Joyride Bike Ride Minneapolis Bike Ride
Loring Park

One of my favorite little spots in Minneapolis is the Loring Park alleyway across from the Basilica. It transports you overseas in a second. Which made this little bike ride all the more blissful since I’m actually Europe-bound the first week in July for the month. It’ll be my first time back there since my visit to Italy in high school. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is taking in the lavender fields at Notre-Dame de Sénanque Abbey in Provence. Soaking up some time with Monets & Van Goghs at the Louvre and Musee Orangerie. And watching fireworks over the Eiffel Tower on Bastille. I can hardly breathe just thinking about it I’m so excited! Lots of photos will be taken, I’ll be sharing them on here & Instagram. I’ll also be documenting the trip with a lot of video on Snapchat, my username is lindseykate_xo on there. Ah you guys… so soon!

Photos by Tyler Allix

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