That’s Amore

You’ll know it when you’ve tasted it. And once you’ve tasted it you’ll know everything before wasn’t it. For some it starts strong. For others a slow build. Whatever it looks like, for however long you get to have it- some lucky ones forever, it’s … magic. I really think it is. I don’t think we’re built to really know what to do with it. There aren’t rules because the two involved are the only two with that chemistry and fit in the whole world. So I guess we do our best. We enjoy it, feeling like we’re on cloud 9, blissfully denying anything that doesn’t fit our dream. We run from it, scared it’s too good to be true. We get hurt and we hurt back. It’s simple, it’s complicated, it’s whatever.

Sometimes we have to kiss a lot of princes before we find our king. Just don’t kiss frogs. That’s gross. And never lose you in it all. Be true to your heart, your intuition. Don’t rush your moment. Take risks if you feel it’s the thing to do. Ask your friends for advice… consider it always. Follow it sometimes, sometimes don’t. We can only control our own side of this thing called love. I think in accepting that neither of us are perfect, there’s this mix of stretching ourselves for that someone special, pushing through, and being honest about our limits, our own needs. But the common denominator is that at the end of the day… we all need someone who is ready for love too. Who is ready for us. And who we’re ready for. Who brings out the best in us, and us in them. Who sees us for who we are and loves us because of that and in spite of that. Who treasures us. Who takes the good, the bad, the ugly and gives you his. Who’s strong when we’re not, who accepts our strength when he’s not. Who looks at you from across the room and smiles, shaking his head like… “are you even real?” Who makes you want to twirl around in your living room to your favorite songs and who, when you think of him just walking down the street you can’t help but smile.

It’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. And it’s worth holding onto and fighting for. As long as you can. If you’re one of the lucky ones, don’t let go.

And hey, I really believe… eventually, love will find us all.



Of the best moments, some were casual, homey, cozy — snuggling up with baes after some evening adventure lol-ing in pajamas, some were big loud or fancy – trotting around paris, nyc or dancing on tables yes, even that. Some moments I would really rather forget…! Some I wish I could hold onto and replay forever and ever and ever.

I took some time to deep-scroll the photos. One theme rings so true. GOOD PEOPLE. BIG SMILES. SMILING GOOD PEOPLE. LOVVVVE.

There’s been so much hope and energy wrapped up in 2017. Beauty created. Beauty enjoyed. Sweet moments displayed or treasured up in my heart just for me and who I was with.

Learned to softsmile.
Taught a boatful how to lakesurf.
Reconnected with a college friend.
Made a new lifelong friend out east.
Got another niece!!
Discovered avocados.
Did solo karaoke for the first and last time
Learned to love solo café visits for wine with the NYTimes.
Realized I can still do a back walkover.
& do my make-up in less than 7 minutes.
Casted models too many times than I should be allowed to.
Produced a New York Fashion Week event
Fell in love with Vouvray, Sancerre, Josh, Rioja!
Enjoyed sunsets, snowy winter wonderlands, flowers in bloom.
Held a lot of puppies and babies.
Splurged on an NYC leather jacket
and a pair of NYC heels from SJP herself!
I got to collaborate on a jewelry line.
Do stuff with XGames and more importantly the afterparty.
See a million works of Monet in one place.
Twirled around in the middle of a quite lit and super unexpected post-Northern Vogue dance party

Oh yea, this thing called by NICHE!!! Gosh I’ve learned a lot. More than I wanted to! More than I expected and in different ways than anticipated. Learning usually means struggle to get there. But worth it on the other end. Taking risks, pushing myself so hard. I’ve had some of my highest highs through this business, some of my zaniest days, and honestly also experienced more feelings of total exhaustion, complete stress, and lots of moments wondering what I got myself into! And so grateful, so so grateful to those who’ve believed in me and this business from the start. You never forget the people who took a chance on you. There’s a very special place in our hearts for those who saw us before anyone else. 40 clients and many projects later… Small and big. Local & National, we’re still here!  The funnest part is seeing it work!! Seeing good people and good brands grow as we work together. These theories, these ideas, richly developed and based in things playing out in favor of our partners. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Oh yea, this thing called NYC!!!! I live there now, (here!) What. I know how long I can zone out on the subway before I should start paying attention to the stops again. They know my name at the Starbucks a block away. This world epicenter for business, culture is expanding my horizons. Showing me opportunity. I’m meeting the most interesting people! Hearing the most fascinating perspectives. And discovering things that feel wrong socioculturally and get at my heart that I want to find ways to jump in and support real change.

Oh yea, this thing called LOVE!!! I’ve felt things this year I’ve nevvver felt before! Took some risks, followed my heart.

Thank you for being part of this journey. If you’re reading this, you have been in some way! Every single year gets better and better. I can’t wait to see the bright future ahead in 2018!

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One of the highlights from this last year was working with Sara Goldfine on this jewelry collection called Fantasme. It was really cool to be part of the design process from start to finish with her and our other collaborator, Jeannine Cavallo. It was like, ok if there was any dream piece of jewelry you could put into the universe, what would it be?! We dove into inspiration and found ourselves drawn to the elements of illusion and ornate embellishment that we were seeing in top couture design houses like Dior, Chanel, Miu Miu.

We wanted pieces that absorbed & then reflected the enigma of womanhood. The complex yet congruous elements of femininity- the element of mystique & playful, provocative & demure, bold yet relaxed. To create jewelry and accessories that can be unexpected and exciting, that elevate an entire look and vibe from the moment it’s fastened on.

The style, lifestyle, and personas of iconic or stand-out women & heroines past and of-the-moment were deeply interwoven in the development of this line – Anna Dello Russo, Miroslava Duma, Giovanna Battaglia, Michelle Obama, Kendall Jenner, Audrey Hepburn, Olivia Pope, Blair Waldorf, Olivia Palermo, Emma Watson.

We wanted pieces that could be styled for the every day or for those dolled-up-to-the-max moments. I’ve loved seeing each piece take different forms when styled by different photographers and stylists with various visions and aesthetics. I think for being pieces with such a strong point of view, they’re surprisingly transcendent among several types of fashion-leanings.

Each of the pieces have been made by hand with heart, with silks, wools and cotton bobbinet sourced from Europe meticulously by Jeannine Cavallo, a local fashion designer who trained under master embroiderists at the renowned LeSage in Paris.

I hope you love what we’ve created.

Each of the Fantasme Collection pieces and additionally — all Goldfine Jewelry pieces can be purchased at 15% off with the code Lindsey Kate. Purchase for Christmas tonight!

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Slits, slips, silks

4 months in New York… and it’s my home now. It really sank in the last couple of days. When I was about to leave for Minnesota for the holidays. Suddenly sentimental and missing it while I was yet there. I’m delighted (schoolgirl-level giddy even!) to head back to the Midwest to see friends and family, my favorite places, and soak up the holiday season. To revel in the endless Higgins traditions and snuggle with my little nieces and nephews. Lots of overly expressive squeals and squeezes coming up with each reunion. While I haven’t quite yet found the level of establishment in my big new city, my routines are there. It’s where I wake up in the morning. It’s where my favorite tea is. My aggressive cozy sock collection. I have a new view out the window. Yes it’s of grungy backsides of buildings and an old watertower— but it looks pretty in the snow!! And it’s mine. My little slice of NYC, my humble little le petit chateau. My future- for now, is there. Interesting what time can do.

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These streets will inspire you



About a month in to NY life. I’m finding a lot of it is, well… by Niche. But beyond that it’s exploring, discovering. Taking the walk over the metro as often as possible (and the metro over car the rest of the time!) Jotting notes of cute cafes and restaurants in my To-Try list (sorted by neighborhood of course!) And moving the best ones I have to go to again into the Tried & True list!

I love love Central park and being so close to it. I found a great running route there and other times will just go get lost in it. Never too lost Google maps bless us all.

My neighborhood in the Upper East side has me entirely enchanted. I love the gorgeous prewar architecture. The white townhomes with columns and black shiny doors & manicured topiaries. Goldendoodles and a million other variations of poodles everywhere. Kiddos and fams brunching outside. The Madison Ave window shopping has me jaw-dropping all the time over beautiful dresses and living room furniture vignettes. And so many spots to snag a good pasta & sip back a yummy vino.

A move can be scary for sure— thank goodness for Facetime, for my best friends and family reminding me they’ll always be there and many visits are to come! First one arriving tonight!! 🙂 Getting used to things little by little and finding my own little nooks and routines. Hoping to carve out something of a smaller world inside this big one.

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