Popped the champagne tonight. Slow sipping. My nyc & chill now playlists rollin on the Bose. Writing from a new bed. Curled up and just in general feelin it.

One thing I insisted on bringing all the way to NYC was this banana plant. One of my big girl splurge purchases, vase and all, from one of my favorite floral shops in Minnesota. This plant was the precious cargo of the journey out east and everyone knew it. I packed the car obnoxiously carefully with the express purpose of preserving as much of its health as I could. Is it in perfect condition, for sure no. Some of the leaves are a little jagged. Some are a little dried out. But for some reason it’s got a hold on me, it just does! One thing I recently realized was this whole time it’s been in a small plastic pot within the big ceramic one. And you know what I also realized? Yes it’s doing fine. Yes it’s grown. But it’s absolutely ready for new soil and more room to grow.

I’m absolutely a romantic. I’m absolutely sentimental. A meaning-needer. So thinking about this move, there’s been a very rich exploration of why… and why now. And all-around, it’s been pretty lovely to see doors open and close to guide me into settling into NYC in this particular moment. In this particular place.

“Leaving” Minnesota was hard. Because I’ve found such an abundant situation there. How can any one person be so lucky to be surrounded by such incredible, inspiring, beautiful, kind, loving people. My family, my friends, my business relationships. The quality and positivity, and compassion from these people I will cherish forever. I “left” but can never actually leave in spirit. It’s become so much of my soul.

So here I am at Le Petit Chateau, in NYC. It’s not home yet. But it will be.

Cheers to new beginnings. To growing as a woman. Becoming more of the person I want to be. Growing in character. Budding new leaves and being fine with a little tear and break here and there as I figure things out. Staying grounded and in touch with my roots, faith-filled. Embracing how this big, vibrant city will impact me but never losing sight of my core, my foundation, and all that has made me who I am. Here’s to building new friendships, growing my business, and finding love. Strengthening and extending my roots in this new city in this next decade. To kindness, to soft hearts, to creativity, prosperity, authenticity, and making the world a better place.

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Scottsdale AZ, a photo diary



Last weekend was one for the ages. We called it the #nojudgmentzona! Perfect little mix of outdoorsy adventures, city nightlife, and chill moments by the pool at the resort with 3 of my closest lifelong friends, roots tracing back to middle school for some. We stayed at the Four Seasons Scottsdale. From beginning to end it was pretty magical. One of the highlights was dinner on the terrace at Talavera Restaurant overlooking the beautiful elevated view of Scottsdale miles away. We arrived just before sunset, and spent a serene few hours reminiscing about the trip, years past, and enjoying incredible food and drinks. We were soaking up our last moments together before spreading out back to our homes all over the country the next morning.

A few style notes:

-The gold swimsuit is from Altar’d State (and FYI is $20). Bottoms to match!
-Tan dress is via Roe Wolfe, a local Minnesota boutique.
-Rose gold tennies (my spike stand-ins til I find some I like haha) via Ted Baker, a couple seasons ago.
-My little linen pantalones! Also from Altar’d State.
-Black maxi & floral backless top via Beehive Boutique in Manhattan Beach, I was so excited to finally give this look a spin! I also love their insta.
-healthy natural tan via The Glow Lounge
-Sequin dress via Free People

Must do’s & sees:

Troon North Golf Club: Apparently one of the best in Scottsdale. I practiced my swing at the driving range and they were kind enough to give me a tour of the grounds. Beautiful homes surrounding the course and some incredible views! Would be a fun one to play on another visit.
-Tonto Natural Bridge: A bit of a trek, nothing to be underestimated haha. This was our second hike and not gonna lie I was ready for the chill poolside moments of the trip but I absolutely couldn’t get enough of the views. It was gorgeous. And an entirely different kind of nature than I’m used to.
-Mogollan Rim Overlook: A valley of evergreens that’s like so so vast and breathtaking. And a very mild hike which could maybe have been done in sandals so that’s not the worst 😉
Whiskey Row: Great bar in Scottsdale. We ended our night out here and had so many good laughs. Also it’s Dierks Bentley’s place! We didn’t see him there- I don’t think, not that we were looking around much haha too much fun with each other dancin like fools and singing to every song. One of those nights that you knew while you were living it it would be one you’d remember forever.
-Acai bowl at Proof for brunch. Ask for honey to go with it. So amazing.

This post sponsored by Altar’d State, but as always all thoughts & opinions genuinely my own 😉

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Nothing in this look I wore for a full day of meetings & projects in the North Loop last week is new from the last 6 months. Except the shoes. I’ve been minimizing. Prioritizing working with what I have, wasting less. Whittling the wardrobe down little by little to my favorites as opposed to options upon options. Focusing on quality over quantity. Some of my friends say it’s part of prepping for a shift, a move– as I’m considering condo-shopping in Mpls, with a little more travel incorporated into the regimen with by Niche. Still hard to take actual steps because truly I’ve grown such an attachment to my place for the last couple of years in St. Paul, “Le Chateau” <3

… I feel like it’s part of prepping for something good. A recognition of an evolution. Making space for a better tomorrow. I took several things off the walls and out of shelves that felt reminiscent of a former taste but weren’t quite fitting into my current vibe. Looking to really intentionally curate pieces over time that are more quality and have a story. Not just filling space to fill space. Pulling in a painting by an artist in Positano who was a poem all himself. And the navy tufted couch that was my first real treat-yoself caliber of furniture. Interesting how our preferences and choices in home design aesthetic and fashion roll out in tandem with life developments sometimes.

photos by iz kruse

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_______ memorial day


it’s a weird day actually, memorial day! on the one hand i want to lead it off with “happy”. hoping you get to enjoy your day off with family, friends, and seedless watermelon. on the other hand i want to lead it off with “let’s remember on this” because i’m grateful to those who have served in our nation’s past & present to make possible the freedom we enjoy every day. i guess it’s a little mix of both. and on these usa days, i have to acknowledge that we’re not perfect and have a lot to learn from the rest of the world and a lot to share … but we’re made of the good stuff and on our way. and there’s no doubt i’m in love with this beautiful country and proud to be an american girl!

little note, this bracelet is via urbain, a really cool mn-based company by connor kettering. they gather raw materials from historic sites and incorporate them into the jewelry & accessory designs. super unique pieces with a story attached. i love it!

and if you’re into a house shoe that can turn into an oh-wait-i-need-to-run-next-door-for-a-quick-coffee throw-on, these birdies slippers (c/o) are perfect. they’re comfortable, great quality, and easy to slip into an overnight bag for a weekend trip to anywhere. recommend!

photos by iz kruse

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There are a million ways we can live beyond ourselves and improve the world around us. Whether it’s writing a check to a charity organization or volunteering at a shelter or donating our time to a crisis nursery. Nothing like looking into the eyes of someone corralling 3 children and clearly loving them ardently while working desperately to provide for their family’s next meal… or being faced with someone diagnosed with a terminal illness that the medical field is a few major donations away from finding a cure for…. to remind us of how small we are and how big this world is and how real the pain and struggle can be. And so many are right in the middle of it.

I think it starts with just being there. Outside of our regular world. Being not just aware but making eye-contact. And that naturally churns up in us an innate response of love and thirst for justice and almost a protectiveness of our fellow human. So that taking action becomes like… of course. Naturale.

It’s ok to start small but we should for sure start now. Easy to be like, well… I’m really busy right now or I’m still saving up for this or that. But habits are a powerful shaper of humanity. If we start something when we have little (time, energy, resources), we will be more likely to continue when we have more. And we as individuals have the incredible honor to hold this unlimited potential within each of us … as agents of very real change. And the really cool thing is, since we are all so different, we each have such widely ranging passions which will resonate with particular movements and organizations that are doing good things in our communities & across the world. So if everyone makes it a regular life priority to get involved with and contribute to organizations and movements closest to their hearts, all the bases will get covered!

Grateful for businesses like Altar’d State and all of the ways they actually walk this out. Their employees have volunteered 4000 hours of time for non-profit organizations. They sponsor 168 children in Peru. They’ve donated $3.3 million to various community-based organizations and charities, most chosen by retail employees at their stores. If every business gave back the way they do, yikes…. we’d really be mobilizing a lot of agents for change. And idk I like buying a shirt from a place that has this mindset and manifest action over a place that doesn’t. Not that I won’t ever shop at places that don’t but I’d rather support places that do. You know?

So so soooo many incredible organizations out there. And I do believe we should each find our own fit but it may take some sampling. Two that are close to my heart are Dress for Success & People Serving People. I’d love to hear of others you love and ways you like to get involved and make the world a better place! It’s wildly cliche I know, but just actually so important and a conversation we need to keep having. <3

This post sponsored by Altar’d State, but all thoughts and opinions 100% me.

kimono via Altar’d State (under $60), dress via Reed Marie Collection
photos by Iz Kruse

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